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Help, I've Been Twittered!

One of our site visitors sent me a "Twitter" invitation of some sort last week.  I like to think I'm pretty "with it" as far as technology goes.  I've got, of course, my cell phone, I'm a voracious texter...I don't have a Facebook or Myspace page, but I do know how that all just seems pointless to have a Myspace or FB page since I've got this.  But I'm having a real hard time getting my mind wrapped around what "Twitter" is.  I first heard of it in April when a student used Twitter to twitter his way out of jail.  But I still didn't really grasp how he did it using Twitter.  I've gone to but their explanation of what their own service is, I think, is pretty lame. Does anyone use Twitter?  If so - can you explain iin dumbed down English what it is? What is it's point?

Also, thanks to all of you who are contributing their "marriage tips" on yesterday's posting. I think I was just in a bit of a semi-melancholy mood, not over the marriage itself, but over the "mechanics" of short, I just don't want to screw it up.  So your tips are really helpful!

Re: Help, I've Been Twittered!

GOD BLESS YOU Well, it is another avenue to let folks know about Amish Cook and the wonderful books and the new one also.

Watching some of the early cable news programs and they were talking about how wonderful Twitter is and that folks actually make money with it.  AHA Kevin and the Amish Cook came to mind.

Re: Help, I've Been Twittered!

Beats me I don't know what twitter is. I already have myspace and facebook accounts or I can't communicate with my younger friends and relatives. They prefer 20 million graphics and numerous amounts of photos of me and them. Umm I see most of them everyday but ok whatever. I guess I better be glad they even consider me "young enough" and "cool" to be listed as a "friend" on their accounts. Or should I say "off the chain." If twitter is phase 3 of this stuff count me out. hahaha

Re: Help, I've Been Twittered!

I asked my husband and he said it is like Myspace & Facebook, it is just a place you can go and toot your own horn.   Laughing

Re: Help, I've Been Twittered!

Well, I do enough of that hereSmile, so I guess I don't need Twitter?

Re: Help, I've Been Twittered!

I have never heard of twitter and neither had my son so I check out the web site too.  All I could think of was IM that works for both your phone and computer.

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