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Ah....logos.  McDonald's has it's golden arches, Maxwell House has its dripping coffeecup (or is that Folgers?), and Mr. Clean has its muscleman.  But what about the Amish Cook?  The Amish Cook column carries with it a "logo" that runs with Lovina's letter in most papers.  Some papers forgo the logo. The Cincinnati Enquirer, for instance, doesn't use a logo with any of its columns. For most of the Amish Cook column's history I used the plain black and white horse n buggy that you see above (without the Oasis Newsfeatures next to it, I used a larger version of the above horse n buggy).  I was 18-years-old at Miami University and I corralled a fellow student to draw the simple line art you see above.  Elizabeth Coblentz always chuckled at the drawing because she said the driver's hat brim was way too long.  Oh well, it's still kind of a quaint drawing.  About four years ago some starch-suited corporate type advised me that my original logo was too "generic" to be used on any potential Amish Cook-themed products.  He advised me to come up with something more polished and punchy.  Figuring it might be time for a change, I went along with his advice.  So Betsy Blanton, the woman who photographed our upcoming book, The Amish Cook at Home, came up with the lantern logo you see on this site.  She did a superb job creating a great photo (it took her six hours of shooting to come up with the perfect still shot), and that is the logo many newspapers now use with the column.  Lately, though, I've been wondering whether to switch back to the "back to basics" buggy that was used for so many years with the column.   So, does anyone have any thoughts?  Which logo do you like best, the black and white horse n buggy? Or the nice, colorful lantern photo?

Re: Logos

I like the lamp and true one doesn't notice the egss at first but you know that "something else" is there and then you see it. It does look warm and cozy like many of the posters have already said.

While I like the horse and buggy as well, it is so overdone now with anything relating to the Amish.

Lanterns are something many people can relate to be it Amish, a  family history of being pioneers, a love of history or just remembering some time when there was a storm in the area and they had to use oil lamps for light even in this modern age.

Re: Logos

Hi Kevin, I just had to comment on the logo subject. I like the lamp photo because it reminds me of the eternal flame, which suggests this column will go on forever. Bless you people for working so hard to bring us everyday enjoyment and tons of great recipes.

Re: Logos

Wow, Helen, thank you for such a sweet, poetic analysis...SIGH, I sure HOPE the column will continue....We are so, so, so close..but we aren't there yet.  I'd love to turn the column's editorship over to some future, as-yet-to-be born offspring of mine someday and Lovina turn the reins over to yet another generation of Amish Cooks in one of her daughters....but in today's age of fragile businesses, media consolidation, etc....that goals seems quite elusive, but thank you so much for the sentiment.....

Re: Logos

hello first time commenting ,, lol check in all the time but i had to say i love the oil lamp as i have them in my home , because i really like the look of them and they are wondefull when the electic goes out .. the oil lamp in the pictures stands out so much ,, that i didn't even notice the eggs ,, maybe because of the dark image of what ever that is beside the egg basket, i would keep the lamp and maybe add something else ,, just a thought shar

Re: Logos

Well, welcome Shar! Always glad for first-time commenters to speak up!:)  And, you're right, those oil lamps ARE handy when the power goes out!

Re: Logos

I like the more complicated one better. I am a decorator, though, and love taking still life pictures of my work. This looks like something I would take a picture of! The other one is too generic. Heck, here in the Shenandoah Valley, I could go into almost any country store and buy a wrought iron "statue" of a horse and buggy. We also have signs everywhere with horse and buggies on them~ Just my food for thought. The newer one looks more official.

Re: Logos

As a graphic artist I would have to say that the lamp one works because it contains what you are doing. It also satisfies the need to keep the tradition of having the former logo since it is on a page under the bottle and eggs (which by the way is another smart detail that helps to describe visually what you do. When I started reading this blog I had pictured something in addition to what you have. I pictured a silhouette of a quill pen with the feather tip going off the image slightly to the right-would put your logo over the top (my opinion). It completes the description of what you do. that is only my opinion you can take it under advisement or disregard it. Now one question that I have is, do you use that logo on books, letterhead, business cards? If you use the same thing for all of these you may want to come up with something simpler that defines the Amish Cook but is good for print. That's what you have in the horse and buggy logo. But "the suit" is right in saying that the horse and buggy image is too generic to use by itself to be considered yours. I'm starting to ramble. You can actually have more than one image. The one you currently use if fine for the internet. I'll shut up now........... 

Re: Logos

Well, Staib, you weren't rambling, you actually capsulized my dilemma...The horse and buggy IS rather generic, so many Amish-themed products use it.  They use it, however, because it you point out, it's simple and people immediately make that connection to the Amish.  On the other hand, the lantern (or oil lamp) photo is different enough that it separates The Amish Cook column from "Joe's Amish Cheese Shack" or there are pros and cons to both logos, so maybe using both is okay for now....

Re: Logos

I noticed that the lantern picture has the horse and buggy logo on the paper under the egg basket.  So I have to say that is my vote since both logos are in oneSmile Would hate for her to retake the picture but maybe the horse and buggy logo could be bigger?

Re: Logos


Well, I like your horse and buggy drawing a LOT and would be drawn to investigate/read something with it on it.



lorraine stoddard's picture
Re: Logos

I prefer the horse and buggy logo.  The book cover with Elizabeth holding the pie would also be nice for a logo.

Re: Logos

I agree with Lorraine -- the book cover epitomizes the Amish Cook!  Perhaps a (simplified) pen and ink line drawing based on that image would be best for general use for your columns and internet writings....

TomK's picture
Re: Logos

Don't know about any lantern, but I see a nice picture of a oil lamp...

Horse and buggy for my choice, since you don't have a logo with a wood cookstove...


And it's Maxwell house coffee with the drip - "good to the last drop"...


Re: Logos

I like both of them, but the horse and buggy is one I'm most familiar with and connect it to the column. But maybe switch them around, if mainly cooking artice use the lamp and eggs and if about farming, etc., use the buggy?

KJuneBug's picture
Re: Logos

I have never been so priviligled to read the column in a newspaper, I've seen both the logo's here on the website.  I too thought that the lantern photo was a book that I had missed!  I like the horse and buggy drawing, it just seems so much more "Amish". 

To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed. Titus 2:5

Re: Logos

I've been reading the column for many years and have seen both logos used, but I prefer the newer, colorful one with the lantern.  ~Diann

Re: Logos

The South Bend Trubune has the horse/buggy logo. I have had horses since third grade. Before Shep was a pup.Wink I like them both but if I had to choose the buggy has my vote. To me Amish means Horse and Buggy.

LuvMaerz's picture
Re: Logos

 "Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift... that's why they call it the present."

The Quincy H-W has always used the horse/buggy logo.  The first time I saw the lantern one was on this website... I thought it was the cover of a book I hadn't seen before!  But, I do like both.  The newer one, though, definitely has a warmth and uniqueness to it. 

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