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My Crazy Family (AKA Saving Gas)

LuvMaerz's picture

I just had a good chuckle at a newslink my aunt just sent me.  Apparently, in my grandpa's small hometown, the KC news station did a segment on driving golf carts to save on gas money.  Obviously, my gpa was one of the main people highlighted in the story.

It is kind of interesting (and funny, to me anyway).  And where else will you hear a person say the word "oncest" on television?  I love being a MObilly Wink

dcharrison's picture
Re: My Crazy Family (AKA Saving Gas)

Gas pumps are supposed to be calibrated by the state agency once every 2 years.

Another way to make sure you get all the gas you are paying for is to pump gas in the coolest part of the day, because it expands as the gas heats up.

Another is the take a 1 gallon gas can and pump 1 gallon in to check that it does it right or watch and make sure that say after 10 gallons that the pumps reads the right amount of money for the gas - like if it is $3.89.9, then 10 gallons should cost $38.99.


Re: My Crazy Family (AKA Saving Gas)

I just read an article on a local newspaper web site concerning gas prices..some of the filling stations gas pumps are not calibrated correctly...for example...if you fill up 1 gallon of gas for the price of $3.85...just watch the pumps may go over the $3.85 amount before the 1 gallon of gas your putting in the car...the article is from the Burlington Hawkeye today's issur of July 17!  When there is a complaint about it many of the gas stations don't do anything about it!! 



LuvMaerz's picture
Re: My Crazy Family (AKA Saving Gas)

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift... that's why they call it the present."

I often worry about things like this... doesn't it always seem that the nozzle always fizzes and bubbles a bit when you are first putting the gas in, but the ticker keeps ringing up the gallons just as fast as ever?

KJuneBug's picture
Re: My Crazy Family (AKA Saving Gas)

You have a cool GrandDaddy!  I guess that is his 15 minutes of fame!!!  I bet your little girls loved seeing that too, it is always fun to see people your know on TV when your a child!!  

Re: My Crazy Family (AKA Saving Gas)

Have to say that I found that cute! Think this could only work in a small town, can't seem to see this happening in my town.  However, in my area there are subdivisions that it is the norm to have a golf cart in order to travel around to the pool, club house, etc. Had many students from these subdivisions tell me that they even use the carts to go Trick or Treating, with the home owners sitting at the bottom of the driveway so that they don't have far to walk!  You see signs throughout their neighborhood saying that you have to yield to the golf carts.  Most of the time it is the kids driving the carts.   

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