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Top Users?

On the left side of this page is a little, non-descript link that says "Top Users."  It was really just meant as a fun way to see who is the most active at the site.  It's also a way to see who has "left."  I've noticed some people show up at this site, are really active for awhile, and then disappear as quickly as they came.  That's fine, one of the appeals of the internet is it's transient nature.  Brian, our intrepid site administrator, the guy who runs the "nuts and bolts" tech part of has discussed the idea of taking down the "Top Users" feature because it sucks up a lot of bandwidth (or something to that effect).....does anyone check the TopUsers section?  If you do, I hate to remove it no matter how much bandwidth, but if no one ever goes there and no one cares, then we can ditch it. 

Re: Top Users?

I do check the "top users" occasionally, to see how I'm doing, but it's really not a necessity, and if it's sucking up a lot of bandwith, I'd get rid of it!  Don't really need the "who's online" feature either, in my opinion.

Re: Top Users?

I check it pretty regularly, actually.  It's just for see how active I've been and, as has been mentioned already, most other webforums have a similar feature, so I'm used to it.


lorraine stoddard's picture
Re: Top Users?

I look at the top users from time to time,just for the fun of it.


momof3letmebe's picture
Re: Top Users?

I check it out to see where I stand, but it's not a necessity.

I, also, like the Who's online feature.

dcharrison's picture
Re: Top Users?

I glance at it occasionally to see where I am standing, but really have no opinion about whether it stays or goes.


Re: Top Users?

Please get rid of it, personally I have no use for the top users..besides I like my privacy :)

KJuneBug's picture
Re: Top Users?

Ok with me if it goes, I look occasionally to make sure I'm not outdoing Kevin! You'll find something else that is totally cool I am sure of it!! 

Re: Top Users?

I too look at the top user section occasionally, but it's okay with me if you decide to take it down. I understand about bandwith requirerments.


Re: Top Users?

I have never checked it, so if you want to get rid of it, that is fine.

Re: Top Users?

OK with me to let it go. I look at it occassionally for no good reason. -Kay

Re: Top Users?

I didn't even notice it was there until todayEmbarassed so I guess I don't have an opinion.

Re: Top Users?

2nd try-----I will be relieved to be rid of the top users section.   As for the other, while I like it on another site, I don't care to have it on this one, since there are non-registered posters here.  ~CS~

"Children are the living messages we send to a time we cannot see."                                                              ~J. W. Whitehead~


Re: Top Users?

So consenus - at least among the two of you:) - is if you had to have one or the other, the "who's online" feature is better?  We'll see what others say!

Re: Top Users?

I agree with Luv in that I miss the who's on line feature for the same reasons.  I also look at top users  but is something that I could do without. 

LuvMaerz's picture
Re: Top Users?

"Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, but today is a gift... that's why they call it the present."

I do look at it, from time to time (embarrassingly, on my account Wink).  BUT... if Brian wants to replace it with something totally awesome (like a live-chat option!), then go for it!

I will say it again, I personally enjoyed the old "Who's Online" feature that we used to have.  Some people complained that it was like an invasion of their privacy, but really, isn't everything here pretty much anonymous unless you divulge yourself anyway?  Most message boards, etc. have this function, so it isn't anything new or cutting-edge.  And I personally liked knowing I had company in cyber-Amish Cook-land when I am online, and if I posted something, there might be a quick response/follow-up from someone else.  Just my 2 cents Wink

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