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Birth certificates

Hi Kevin, my 16 year old daughter was asking if the Amish register thier children's births? I assured her they probably did, since a lot of women give birth at birthing centers. She wanted to know about the home births. I told her the Amish have their own directory and I'm sure the children's births were recorded. We actually got on this subject because as pacifists/non resisters I know the Amish have been drafted for the military but I thought they got to serve in non combat areas. Daugther figured that if they men could be drafted then there must be a record of thier birth or age. I told her I'd ask the expert. So, do the Amish register their children's births with birth certificates? If so for all births, home or elsewhere?

Re: Birth certificates

In many areas now a parent doesn't have to register their child to get the ss card whether they are Amish or not.  Now how it works, the birth certificate is signed and filed by the midwife, doc, or whoever delivered the baby in most cases. I'm sure there are exceptions.  The ss cards for the new baby come in the mail. This has been in effect in some states since the 70's.

Anyone born in the US now with a registered birth certificate gets a ss # off the bat

1) they have too not only for tax purposes but because of Homeland Security Rules that went into affect after 2001.  

2) This sounds cruel but they are checking for "anchor" babies so to speak  and that baby's ss # is either going to tie into a mother or father with a false number or no number at all.  This is how many illegals in some areas have been caught and deported.

Far as FICA many people can opt of it and it doesn't have to be for relegious purposes. For instance many men who work for CSX railroad don't pay into SS they pay into Railroad retirement benefits instead and have their own inhouse system.

Anyone born in the

Re: Birth certificates

  The Amish do not have to get their children social security numbers until they actually work outside the home. Many Amish refuse earned income credit, and the like because to them it seems like a government handouts. ALthough the AMish pay all taxes, if they are self employed farmers, they can opt out of paying FICA on religious grounds. As a matter of Christian conviction,believing that the church should take care of its own,  they will never accept social security or other government subsidies so the US gov't allows them to forgo this tax. They do have to pay it if they work for non-amish businesses. Susan

Re: Birth certificates

I'm just speaking from my own experience.  Most Amish would "register" their births.  In fact, after Lovina and family moved to Michigan she needed birth certificates for her children to enroll them in the local school.  She wasn't sure how to get them, so I assisted her by rooting around the court house in Indiana in the county where her kids were born and was able to get those birth certs for her.

And, yes, the Amish do have social security #s.  In past instances in the US when there were drafts, Amish men were not exempt from the draft, but  - as conscientious objectors - they were permitted to serve in domestic wartime capacities such as hospitals, factories, etc.  This didn't sit well with many Amish since it was still aiding a wartime effort, but it was better than being forced to fight......

Re: Birth certificates

Auh Kevin, guess it's too late now, but for future reference, you can order birth certicates on line.  Just need to have basic info like full name, date of birth, parents' names. Go to the state of birth's website, reference birth records and go from there.  Also works if looking for death certificates if doing geneology too.  Not as fun as 'rooting around' a court house, but much more time saving.

Re: Birth certificates

I'm not sure of the answer myself but here is a thought about it:  In order to claim a dependent child on your taxes you have to have a social secrity number, to get a ss number you have to have a birth certificate.  The Amish do pay taxes, so don't they have a ss number Undecided

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