Pickle Pops - Gross!!



I have a love-hate relationship with pickles.  Rachel loves them.  I can tolerate them.  I sometimes even like a crispy pickle slice on a sandwich.  But there's something about just eating a pickle plain, by itself, that is unappealing to me. 

Amish homemakers are legendary for their pickles.  Cucumbers are a staple in most Amish gardens, so what does one do with an excess of cukes?  Make pickles!  Freezer pickles, butter chip pickles, dill pickles, all of these are commonplace in Amish kitchens.  There is an undeniable freshness in taste to these homemade pickles.

But when I got this press release today about Bob's Pickle Pops my first reaction is/was ewwww, gross!! I mean l like a nice frozen, sugar strawberry popsicle on a hot day, but a pickle pop???? Has ANYONE tried one of these?? Apparently some schools now serve them, have any of your kids tried these??? I'd love to hear how they liked them. I might have to order a box for Rachel and for Lovina and see how both of these pickle connisseurs like them.  Gee, they even have a 120 count box.  Um...if anyone has tried these, or tries them before I do, let us know how they taste.  Otherwise I will be reporting back soon!




Re: Pickle Pops - Gross!!

Well.... I would pass on the pickle pop. There are some things that should not be done to vegetables and this is one of them. I like pickles just as much as the next person but this making pickles into popscile is just wrong in my books. I will just wait  for Rachel and Lovina's review of it. Then I will still vote no.

Re: Pickle Pops - Gross!!

I forgot about this post, I think I will order some now for Rachel to try!Smile

Re: Pickle Pops - Gross!!

my mother in law said that my 15 month old cannot eat pickles is she right?

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Re: Pickle Pops - Gross!!

I don't like pickles.  My husband said that if I see them in the store to purcase it.  He can't wait to try frozen pickles!

Re: Pickle Pops - Gross!!

Well if you will look up koolickles ,you will find this is an old southeren treat.Made with dill pickles soaked in cherry kool aid. these were on the food net work and  a northern fad.  What is so sorry is that they made pickles& ketchup  part of the nurtri program under regan, we had to count out 4 slices and put iit in the space for vegies.And you thought being the lunchroom lady was an easy job.you should see the paper work and time constraints.   I have made the koolickles they didn't go over in our family so they got ground up and put in Ham salad, no coment

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Re: Pickle Pops - Gross!!

 I would love to try these.  I love pickles.  Growing up my dad use to grow his own cucumbers and we had jars and jars of dill pickles.  Us kids would eat on them all day.  I loved breaking into them about a week or two into the pickling process.  You still get that wonderful fresh taste of the cucumber...but, the hint of the dill pickling.  To this day I can still tell if a pickle is fresh or not.  My cousins and I use to get the shaved ice off of the deep freeze....anyone else use to love that ice?  It was probably filled with toxins..lol....we would take the shaved ice and pour pickle juice on it and have pickle slushes.  Or take the pickle slushie and a whole pickle with a salt shaker...take a bite of the slushie, then put the salt on the pickle, and take a bite of it.  I just got into canning this past year or so.  So I planted some cucumbers this year and hope that I can can some of my own this year...now my daughter is a pickle lover too.  Oh, pickle juice also cures hiccups and heartburn.  Might be all in your head when taking it...but, it has always worked in our family.


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Re: Pickle Pops - Gross!!

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My three year old and I both love pickles of all kinds, plus manzanilla olives, pickled peppers, etc.  HOWEVER... my husband detests even the smell.  If I were to eat a pickle first thing in the morning, he would still be able to smell it on my breath at the end of the day.  Sometimes he says "You've had pickles" and I have to think back and remember that I did!

I would be game to try a Pickle Pop...if they are made with sweet pickles they might not be too bad.

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