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Which Nightly News Do You Watch?

Re: Which Nightly News Do You Watch?

I watch CBS..They have picked on Katie enough..LEAVE HER ALONE..She is awesome..Marilyn from INdiana

Re: Which Nightly News Do You Watch?

Yea, honestly, I don't think Katie is doing a bad job....Not sure why she gets so savaged in the press....

Re: Which Nightly News Do You Watch?

I don't watch the News very much anymore except the morning local news and thats it for the rest of the day.  We recently switched back to Cable from the DISH Satillite because we miss our local channels, with Satillite we don't get ABC due to some mumble jumbo from a Lawsuit that has affected many satillite customers.  I am so glad now we got our local news so I can keep updated on any Storm Warnings that may/will come our way like it did last week when parts of Iowa was either under Severe Thunderstorm Warnings or Tornado Warnings...

Re: Which Nightly News Do You Watch?

In canada we have cbs, nbc and abc (with the cable).....I'm a french canadian so I watch tqs and tva (quebec station)...

Re: Which Nightly News Do You Watch?

For news I watch NSNBC  I don't like watching the news on the Omaha,Ne. channel,because,they are so unprofessional.  When we lived in Indiana we watched the news on CBS.

LuvMaerz's picture
Re: Which Nightly News Do You Watch?

"Aspire to inspire before you expire"

HAHA... we don't even have ABC as an option in our area.  At this time, we MIGHT be able to pick it up from Kirksville with rabbit ear if we tried really hard, and it is not available on Dish Network as a local channel due to some contract conflicts or something with the ABC station.  We couldn't get ABC in Quincy, either... so I literally haven't watched that channel for years.

My pet peeve is the local news in our area... one of the stations looks so pathetic onscreen, I could do a better job with a $50 camcorder.  The other one won an Emmy a few years back (HOW?? That is a mystery...), so since then they have all of these fancy monitors on screen with twirling symbols.  It is very distracting!  I can't pay attention for all of the flashing pretty colors Wink.  Plus, both stations are constantly cutting off in the middle of a sentence while interviewing someone, which I think is so unprofessional.

dcharrison's picture
Re: Which Nightly News Do You Watch?

I usually watch CBS news at 10 pm, but am not home earlier except Friday through Sunday.  And it's mostly because we don't have cable and without cable, CBS is the only one that comes in clearly without being fuzzy or staticy.


Re: Which Nightly News Do You Watch?

I only watch ABC news, whether it be local or national.  Charlie Gibson is awesome!

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