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Evening News?

When I was growing up, 6:30 p.m. was the time when the phone wasn't supposed to ring, us kids were to be quiet, and Mom & Dad weren't to be interrupted.  What was so magical about 6:30?   Evening news.  Walter Cronkite.  Dan Rather.  Rachel's Dad was the same way, he'd come home from work, sip a gin and tonic, and watch the news. For awhile, as an adult, I kept the habit.  I went off to college and - if I were in my dorm room at 6:30 p.m. - I'd flip on the news. 


 Still, CNN and its 24-hour stream of "news" seemed to make the 6:30 ritual not as necessary.  My parents cling to the ritual to this day.  I rarely watch the evening news anymore.  There's just no need, I can get as much news as I want - from a variety of sources - right here on the internet.  I do still get newspapers each day. I like their portability and I still think newspapers do the best job of reporting local news, and of course, where else can you get The Amish Cook?:)   But the "evening anchors?"  CBS offers up Katie Couric, ABC has Charlie Gibson, and NBC has Brian Williams.  I find that IF I watch the evening news it's usually Katie Couric.   So I put up a you still watch the evening news?  If so, who do you watch and why?

Suzannah's picture
Re: Evening News?

I still generally try to watch the evening new.  It's just a (mostly) relaxing routine.  When I do watch, It's always Brian Williams.

Re: Evening News?


I also prefer to get my news from the internet. I get the New York Times emailed every morning, and then I check the Drudge Report. I do not like watching TV, particularly the news, since most news programs seem like phony variety shows. The old time news commentators are no more which is a shame since they reported with a sincerity that seems missing today. Susan

LuvMaerz's picture
Re: Evening News?

"Aspire to inspire before you expire"

Bonnie, that's why you get DVR... then you can pause or rewind!  I am so used to the DVR, if I am listening to the radio in the car, I sometimes try to rewind to hear what someone said!  LOL

I will be honest... I turn on the news while cooking supper, etc. out of habit and because it is about the only thing on at that time of day.  Local news at 5, national news at 5:30, recap of local news 6, then again at 10... it seems like it is always news!

Re: Evening News?

I do have a DVR, it came with our cable because we have the HDTV packet.  The funny thing is, with all the technology I know how to use, the remote for this box is the hardest thing I've tried to learn to use.  My kids laugh at me because I'll tape a show so that I don't have to watch the commericals and then I get mad because I can't figure how to speed it up and slow it down so that I still end up watching some commercials.  I think it is because I hardly ever record then watch shows. 

I do watch the morning news as I get ready for work.  I like Good Moring America and the local news that is on that channel.  I've tried watching it as I cook dinner but too many times someone comes in and changes it to something that can only be watch on the tv that has the 'special' cable box.  Forget the 11 o'clock news, I'm always asleep by then!

Re: Evening News?

I perfer to get my news from the internet.  It's fast, I can read/watch what I want without having to sit on the couch for 30 minutes only to find out that the story I wanted to hear I missed because it was during the two minutes I was in the bathroom Tongue out

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