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Is It Just Me?

An Indiana TV station has been aggressively pursuing a story about an Amish man being rung up on incest charges.  Of course it is a very serious, sick crime.  I stake a lot of my credibility on being honest about the Amish, which means exposing and admitting even the bad stuff.  There is incest, spousal abuse, and alcoholism in the Amish community. It is my belief that the prevelance of such deviant behavior among the Amish mirrors society as a whole.  This means that the bad stuff happens, but it isn't rampant.  I just don't believe that incest is occurring rampantly in Amish homes.  It just seems like the TV station's coverage of the story has an agenda, which isn't to report just on this story but to bring the entire Amish community into it. I saw plenty of interviews with people who DO think that incest is common among the Amish, but NOTHING presenting a counter view. It's almost as if there is an undercurrent of crowing occuring in this station's reporting.  Am I being hypersensitive, or does anyone else pick up a very biased tilt in their reporting?

Suzannah's picture
Re: Is It Just Me?

Hello.....can anyone say FLDS????  I think the media in general looks to report anything bad they can find in any religeon.  The jucier they can make it, the better.

TomK's picture
Re: Is It Just Me?

All news is bias... Yes there is bad apples among the Amish/Mennonites, just like there are among Catholics,Methodists, Baptists, Atheists,Mormons, Islams, Politicans, airplane pilots, Wal-mart workers,etc...

 News stations.News papers, News radio, are all in business to make a profit for them and theirs and will do what it takes to do so... Even if they have to lie or destory people to do so...

Always watch with a grain of salt...

Re: Is It Just Me?


 I watched the news story you had linked to this site, and I agree with you that there is definitely a"tilt" in their reporting. ALthough they say that an Amish spokesperson insisted that they were as disgusted as the next guy, the focus of the report was the incestuous crime that an Amishman committed hinting at the possibility of many others doing that same thing.  The two former Amish people interviewed seemed sort of odd to me. Perhaps Indiana is different but any Amish person I have spoken to in PA has a distinct accent from speaking platt deutsch at home. This couple had a typical midwestern accent. Also I did  not think that Schwartz was an Amish surname, but I may be wrong about that. It was a sensationalist report, but what else is new? Susan

Re: Is It Just Me?

That station and the other one that is connected with the Indiana news center I never watch their news. I don't care for their reporting at all. I live in Fort Wayne and can't stand them. I just heard a commercial for that same thing. Trying to get themselves higher ratings.


Re: Is It Just Me?

actually, you raise a good point...this is "sweeps" month when local news stations pull out all the stops....I'm not saying this isn't a valid story, it is...but, you're right, I'm sure this is partially a ratings ploy...

LuvMaerz's picture
Re: Is It Just Me?

"Aspire to inspire before you expire"

My grandmother was convinced that the Amish were a cult (not sure if this was before or after she started reading the "expose'" book I referred to before).  I think that the tv/news and newspapers try to focus on so much of this stuff just for the pure fact that they need ratings/sales.  I am convinced that in every society and walk of life, there are bad apples....but that shouldn't necessarily spoil the whole bunch! 

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