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Rebate Arrival?


Rachel got HER government rebate deposit this past Monday. Me...nada.  I'm told the order in which they are paid has something to do with the numerical scheme of the last digits of your social security number.  So, just curious, how many of you have already received yours?  Anyone have any big purchase plans for it or is it just pretty much to go to absorb the higher food and gas prices that we are all getting clobbered with day after day?

Re: Rebate Arrival?

There is still the difference in dates due to how you filed(direct deposit vs paper check)and now who you used (H&R Block/Turbo tax).  See attach link for more info. 

Re: Rebate Arrival?

We got ours Tuesday, $1500. Gotta love our son for the extra $300. We plan on buying a new mattress at The Original Mattress Factory (Amish-built frames, supposedly). That will cost us about $1000. The rest will go towards my husband's student loan (almost done paying it off!).

Re: Rebate Arrival?

This is too funny, I am going out to buy my son a bigger bed when I get mine!!  We should be seeing it some time this week.  The bad thing with these checks is with your children who are 18-21.  I don't get money for them, even though I still pay for much of their upkeep (due to being in college).  They don't get to see it either even though they have jobs because they are a dependent on my tax returnFrown

Re: Rebate Arrival?

Okay, one vote for Original Mattress Factory!! are doing your job by stimulating the economy...everyone go out and stimulate!!!!

LuvMaerz's picture
Re: Rebate Arrival?

"Aspire to inspire before you expire"

I wonder whose SSN they go by if you file jointly? Anyways, it doesn't matter for us because we both fall into the LAST category

TomK's picture
Re: Rebate Arrival?

The primary head of household - which in traditional terms still means husband if filing jointly

Re: Rebate Arrival?

Thanks for the info, Tom. SIGH, I'm ALWAYS last....My last name, Williams, sure fire bet that I was always the last to get my lunch, get my report card, parking spot, etc in school....

TomK's picture
Re: Rebate Arrival?

Last two SSN digits:

 Payments will be transmitted no later than:

 00 through 20
 May 2

 21 through 75
 May 9

 76 through 99
 May 16





Hey Kevin, heres the schedule as it appears on the IRS website, give or take a few days depening on Bushes demands...




Re: Rebate Arrival?

Hey Tom, that's really good news!  I'm in the middle catagory of that list and I had read somewhere previously that those of us who missed the direct deposit box, weren't going to get them mailed until late summer. Laughing

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