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Farming Accident; More Heater Hooey

A 12-year-old boy was killed in an accident on a Hutterite colony in Montana.  The Amish have a relatively small pool of surnames, but the Hutterites are an even more insular society.  Wipf is an extremely common name on Hutterite colonies.  Interestingly, I've never run into the name Wipf in an Amish community and I've never seen Yoder among the Hutterites.  These are two very similar groups theologically speaking, but there is very little interaction among them.  Click here to read about the unfortunate accident.

It's a slow news day in Amish country, so this caught my eye.  A story in a Michigan newspaper about the economic stimulus checks going out (by the way, has anyone received theirs already?) from the government.  A woman in the story, apparently in all sincerity, was singing the praises of her "Amish heater" as a way to save money.  I'm thrilled the heater is working for her, but for Pete's Sake, the heater is about as much Amish as I am Chinese.  I just can't believe people fall for that stuff.  Click here to read. 


TomK's picture
Re: Farming Accident; More Heater Hooey

During the winter I saw them ads on the back of parade magazine and just laugh my head off - knowing people out there would fall for that gimick...

In actuallity the frame surrounding the heater could be Amish/Mennonite made but the ad doesn't say that,they just let you assume the whole thing is a wonderfully made Amish product...

Re: Farming Accident; More Heater Hooey


If having an Amish person sneeze in your kitchen helps you make better bread, let me know!Laughing

Maybe, Kevin could convince Lovina to fill jars with her kitchen scents and sell them as Amish inspiration in a bottle! That way we could all cook as well as I'm sure she does!!!Wink

I'm off to the store for more eggs today so that I can try her mayo recipe again. Hopefully, I can get it right today!



Re: Farming Accident; More Heater Hooey

Susan, if you go back to page 54, it was on Dec 18 you will find the article about the Amish Heater. I have seen the ads, its looks like a nice space heater (electric) with a wooden mantel. I don't think the Amish sell things that need electricity.

Re: Farming Accident; More Heater Hooey


 I used to get Die Botschaft regularly and of course farm accidents are rare, but not surprising. I recall also reading a story once of another Hutterite fellow who was killed working. The Hutterites are anabaptists like the Amish, but they hold to communal living . They live in separate homes, but the work day and the meals are commune style. The Amish do not ascribe to this, but I would expect feel a kinship to the Hutterites. Also, I am not sure what the woman was referring to when she said an "Amish heater" unless she bought a wood burning stove from an Amish manufacturer. I think there are Amish who fashion iron works and stoves would be one product they would sell. The article is pretty vague when describing it. Susan

LuvMaerz's picture
Re: Farming Accident; More Heater Hooey

"Aspire to inspire before you expire"

I have been keeping an eye on my on-line banking to see if the money is in our savings yet (we did direct deposit).  Nothing yet... hopefully SOON!

Loose associations lead to these people thinking they can link the product with the Amish name.  Soooo.... maybe if I can get an Amish woman to sneeze in my kitchen, I can start cranking out some good, old-fashion authentic Amish bread from my electric oven Wink

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