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What's In A Name?

My name is Kevin Williams.  That is fine, but so is a guy that keeps getting hauled in for DUI in my area.  I've seen people secretly whispering to one another at family gatherings, thinking that the DUI notice in the paper referred to ME...never mind that my strongest beverage is usually just a Coke.

Last year I received an unexpected notice in the mail informing me that my car insurance was suspended for "not appeaing in court" and "fleeing the scene" of an accident.  I opened the notice and scratched my head.  There were several problems with the "fleeing the scene" letter I got, probably the biggest was that the notice came from VIRGINIA describing an accident that occurred on a day that I was clearly in Ohio.  I called the courthouse in this tiny Virginia town.

"Hi, my name is Kevin Williams and I'm callin..."

 I'm cut-off.

"You're in some trouble, sir." the woman on the other end tartly replied.

"Um, no.  I'm not. That's the problem." I explained myself to the woman who very quickly concluded that the Kevin Williams in trouble was an African-American man from George, while I'm a Caucasian guy from Ohio.  My name WAS in Virgnia's "data-base" for a speeding ticket I once received there, the woman explained.  "It was a mix-up at the state level" she said.     Yea, pass the buck.

I've had my bank account debited, penalized for writing an NSF check, because I was confused with the wrong Kevin Williams.   A spokesman for the local hospital is also named Kevin Williams, so his name is always in the paper as he is being quoted on budget issues and patient care.  I've had friends and family inquire "how I like my new job at the hospital."

For the ,name mix-ups can be fairly common because there are so many shared surnames.  The topic of names was on my mind because, on a serious note, there is an Amish man that is being arrested on incest/molestation charges.  His name is Andy Eicher and he is from the Berne, Indiana, Lovina's old hometown.  Lovina expressed worry the other day that people would think she is related to him.  She is not related to him, but I'm sure some people will make the erroneous conclusion that she is, just like people have to my common name of Kevin Williams.  Any of our readers have common names that are mixed up with anyone else's?

Re: What's In A Name?

We do not have a common last name at least not in the states. Now I'm told that in Germany our last name, Rehder, would be as common as Smith is here. Well, anyways, a couple of months ago, my husband started getting e-mails from his HR person telling him that he had made errors in submitting his time card and that he hadn't submitted some other form to the head office.

At first he scratched his head and doubled checked to make sure that he hadn't made an error, but when the emails continued he deicded to call the head office and let them know there was a problem. It turned out that the company had recently hired a guy by the same name, right down to the same middle intial, to work out in one of their California job sites. 

Really weird...


KJuneBug's picture
Re: What's In A Name?

My maiden name is fairly common, seems i've heard it more now then when I was growing up.  Occassionally my parents would get mixed up with another man who wrote bad checks with my Dad's name, that was about it. I think it has to do with the internet, their are so many was now to track people.  I know a woman "Randi" or two, my friend Randi, gets mail for Mr. Randi .... She and I always have thought that was funny. My married name is unique, anyone who is born with that name is related.  In the Amish/Mennonite communities aren't there usually a high number of folks with the same sirnames, and they are not related to one another? 

Re: What's In A Name?

When my husband Robert E.Stoddard worked for the railroad in Chicago,so did another Robert E.Stoddard  They both had the same insurance from work,but,the insurance company kept on cofusing them.

Sometimes the school would call wanting to know why Julie or Chad Stoddard weren't at school.  I would tell the person that their not my children,and I don't know their parents either.

There was a high school teacher by the name of Stoddard.  Parents saw our name in the phone book,and they thought they had the right number.

My oldest is named Michael,and 2 blocks from our house was another Michael Stoddard.  No relation of course.

Tim Stoddard the baseball player is no relation either.

dcharrison's picture
Re: What's In A Name?

I forgot about my mom getting a Howard V, Jr's Sears bill once that lived in Topeka.


LuvMaerz's picture
Re: What's In A Name?

"Aspire to inspire before you expire"

My dad once got a letter in the mail saying he had an outstanding warrant (or something like that) in a state he had never been in!  My mom (who works at the local courthouse) called that state/county's sherrif's dept and explained the incident.  They said "Oh, just disregard it, m'aam.  We have sent those letters to several different 'Larry Davis"'s trying to track down the right one."  Geez!  Nice way to scare some innocent people in the process.  There is another woman in the area who has the same name as my mom, and she has been mixed up with her, too.

I never had a problem with my very common maiden name (except everyone always thought they should call me "Brandi" instead of "Randi", as if I forgot my own name).  Now with the last name that I have adopted via marriage, people cannot spell it half the time, even if I spell it veeeeeeeeery S-l--o-o-o-w-l-y; 9 times out of 10, they make me repeat it 2 or 3 times.  And you just gotta LOVE when telemarketers call (actually, you don't...I hate it).  They sit there stumbling on your name and sounding like an idiot. 

dcharrison's picture
Re: What's In A Name?

My dh, son & I have had this problem a few times.  My in-laws got failing slips that were supposedly for my dh - but were for a guy named Donald I, not Donald F. We had quite a few phone calls from police over the years with a Donald G being involved with armed robberies - we were the only Donald's listed in the phone book. - The other guy was born a month before my dh, but 10 years after!

As a teenager, I broke my foot & our Dr. kept having me come to the ER at the clinic to see if the swelling had gone down enough for a cast - the workers kept bringing out another girls records - which is when we found out that he was the Dr. for 2 families with the name of Howard Williams - Howard V (my step-dad) and Howard W & both had a daughter Cindy.  I thought surely, when I got married it would end - nope - Cindy Harrison works for the Chamber of Commerce!  At least she abides by the laws!

When my son was about 10-12 years old, I started getting phone calls that showed up as unknown - so didn't answer them, but listened for a message & heard the guy threatening to beat up my son for messing with his wife. I did pick it up & told him he had the wrong person since I knew where my son was & he wasn't messing with anyone's wife.  He argued, but hung up & a few weeks later, we saw a notice in the paper where an Eddie Harrison was dismissed from the hospital - so we think he maybe found the person he was looking for.  And my mother sent my son a get well card!

How is that for not just 1, but 3 names - all in the same family!


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