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Any Herb-Lovers Here?

LuvMaerz's picture

I just returned from buying two nice patio tomatoes and a bunch of herbs.  This has always been my favorite time of year with planting going on, but my new yard doesn't have the space or sunlight to grow a garden.... besides the fact that the deer would eat it all Frown.  Soooo... I am contenting myself with my little pots on my screened in porch.  My parents are having fun planting a big garden on the property they inherited from my grandparents, so I plan on helping them with that on weekends Smile.

 In HS, I started an herb garden in my parents back yard.  It is funny to remember digging up my little spot with a soup spoon and outlining it with discarded bricks and geodes.  There is a little nursery right behind my parents house, and I would grab and few dollars and go buy some plants.  I just loved my herb garden!  It was under a crab-apple tree, and I would sit there, weed, and just think about life in general.  I was sad when, after I moved out, my parents decided to tear down their fence, which destroyed my little garden.  But by that time, I was married and in a house of my own. 

Besides my two tomato plants, which I plan on growing the "upside down" method, I bought oregano, chives, basil, thyme, and lemongrass (which I have always heard about but have never been able to find!).  I plan on getting some mint and parsley... I couldn't find the Italian flat-leaf parsley today so I didn't buy any.  It is just easier to chop and more flavorful than the curly-leaf.  I may get some cilantro, too, which is wonderful in homemade fresh salsa and in Taco Soup. 

Does anyone here plant any kinds of herbs in the garden, windowsill, or in pots?  If so, what do you plant and what do you use it for?

Re: Any Herb-Lovers Here?

You don't have to use sugar on flowers-----they add a piquant touch to salads, as well as color.   Pretty on cakes, as is, if you put them on at the last minute, whether or not you plan to eat them. 

Rosemary/dill/salt make a good rub for roast leg of lamb when you want to do  something special with it.  CS

Re: Any Herb-Lovers Here?

Rosemary & dill are good, tho I don't know if they grow in pots.  If your mint gets large/healthy, put some in a bare/out-of-the-way/contained  spot in your yard & it will spread/flourish for a few years.  Fun, when it gets tall, to pick a leaf & eat it.  All your herbs can be frozen in plastic snack bags, whenever you have a surplus.  When we lived in NY state, chives grew wild in the lawn-----just be careful of something like that if you have a dog.  Our present dogs keep digging thru the lawn for something they like----I'm wondering if they're after wild carrots, since they love the mini variety in our fridge. 

Just remembered, some people use certain flowers-----nasturtiums in salad------geranium leaves [the old-fashioned scented kind]often garnished our plates at a restaurant we used to frequent-----pretty sure I ate those, & violets----can't remember how they're used.  There are books/articles on that sort of thing, or you could google it. 

Things grown on a porch green right up, once they hit that outdoor air/light.  Wonderful for tired houseplants, & the screens do help somewhat with plant 'sunburn.'   I put most there, except for the messy asperagus ferns.   Less cleaning if they're not part of the porch scene.  I use folding metal shelves, [which go from porch to an upstairs room in winter] as well as very cheap round covered wire & plastic plant stands from the dollar store, plus a few [discount store] ceramic pots [accumulated over time] in an accent color-----into which some plants in nondescript pots are popped for the summer.    CS

LuvMaerz's picture
Re: Any Herb-Lovers Here?

"Aspire to inspire before you expire"

I grew rosemary last year, and will probably get some this year, too.  It isn't my favorite herb, but it may grow on me if I use it more!  I LOVE dill, but it is so tall and gangly it is kind of hard to grow in a pot (unless you stake it a little).  My MIL has a big patch of dill next to her rhubarb that reseeds itself every year.  I just LOVE the smell when  you accidentally rub up against it.

Back in HS, I did have a pineapple geranium for awhile and the leaves smelled just like the fruit.  It got very big but didn't come back the next year (and I thought it was supposed to be a perennial).  I love mint but learned my lesson with that... even after my parents mowed down my little garden, the mint came back for years and years!  And it spread quite far from the original planting.  If I ever plant it in the ground again, I will try to contain it to one spot ... I heard you can do this by planting it in a pot underground, to keep the roots from straying. 

Speaking of edible flowers, the last Taste of Home (I believe) had a recipe in it for sugaring pansies to decorate cupcakes, cakes, desserts, etc.  Very pretty!

Re: Any Herb-Lovers Here?

I love growing herbs!  My favorite to grow is dill. I grow it in the garden and as LuvMaerz mentioned in her post, it reseeds itself every year. It is extremely hardy in the climate where I live (Ohio), so if yall are having troubles growing it in pots, almost any old patch of earth you can find will do. I'll bet you could even grow it right up next to the house.



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