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Bye, Bye Arthur Ambiance; Mennonite "Barn" Raising....

SIGH...Why, why, why do developments think Amish areas need "resorts???" I know, I know this one is supposed to be "green", "eco-friendly", blah, blah, blah....Developers still don't seem to grasp that the whole reason Amish communities can be so quaint and endearing to visit is that they usually DON'T have huge hotels, tons of traffic, and five star restaurants.  Well, one of my favorite Amish communities: Arcola-Arthur, Illinois is moving forward with construction plans for a big resort right off the interstate.  I guess I should visit there again - now - before the resort changes the area's rural character.

On to more interesting stuff.  This is kinda cool: a Mennonite barn-raising of sorts.  As I've noted before, true barn-raisings have become more and more rare in the Amish community for a variety of reaons.  They definitely still occur, just not quite as often.  This is a neat article about Old Order Mennonites gathering to rebuild a building in Virginia.

Re: Bye, Bye Arthur Ambiance; Mennonite "Barn" Raising....

You are covering some ground on this trip!  You land in Louisville?  Then at one point you said you'd be in Ohio.....and now Arthur, are you doing one giant loop?  You'll have to keep a trip journal!:)

KJuneBug's picture
Re: Bye, Bye Arthur Ambiance; Mennonite "Barn" Raising....

Yes, one giant loop! I definately will keep a journal, that will be the base of the scrapbook.  We are coming in "the back door" to Louisville, from here, that takes us to Ohio.  We are passing close fairly close to your  area.  We will pass through Arthur on the return trip, we are going that way to avoid St. Louis.  To visit our friends that live in MO.  We will end up covering about 16 states in all.  Can't wait to get going too, to hopefully warmer weather, it is snowing here today!       

Re: Bye, Bye Arthur Ambiance; Mennonite "Barn" Raising....

That is a massive amount of ground you are covering!  Looking at my map if you were to straighten out that loop I think it would be equivalent of driving from Cincinnati to Denver.......How many days is the trip?

KJuneBug's picture
Re: Bye, Bye Arthur Ambiance; Mennonite "Barn" Raising....

20 days, 6000 miles.  Definately a grand adventure for us.  My sons are looking forward to things like the John Deere factory and Louisville Slugger, for the little girls it is American Girl Place in Chicago, our oldest daughter is excited for Elizabethtown (she loves that movie) and the first pavement laid in America in Bellafontaine, Ohio (have you been there?), my husband, it is Chicago in general, for me it is the Amish places, Longaberger and Rod and Staff Publishers and just being out in our beautiful country. I get excited thinking about my children seeing America, and seeing that most of America is rural, not suburbs.  I have been doing tons of research on interesting places to see along our way, including your posts; like your Arthur post today; I went to my map and bingo - it is on our way! And we will have a laptop with us, so if there is wifi in an area we can find out information about the area that we are in.

We are passing through the Nappanee area on Indiana, could you pass along some information about how to see the non-commercial Amish? I will give you a weekend assignment- write an article on traveling through Amish areas, from a real life perspective.  I know that there are many entries on the site, it would be nice to have a bunch of tips in one article. 



Re: Bye, Bye Arthur Ambiance; Mennonite "Barn" Raising....

This is Barbs, better half again. If you are going to be in Nappanee, you can turn off of US6, on either side of town on just about any county road in either direction and find the real Amish. The biggest concentration are on the west side of town, again both north and south of 6. Probably the only place that you will find more non commercial Amish would be in the Middlebury area. Plus I dont really think the commercial or non-commercial title really applies here, these are both areas where the Amish background of the locals has not be exploited, as they have in Shipshewana,

Re: Bye, Bye Arthur Ambiance; Mennonite "Barn" Raising....

Fair enough..I'll put together a brief primer of favorite "Amish areas" along your route and post early next week....Anyone else finding themselves in those areas over the summer can use the primer also...

KJuneBug's picture
Re: Bye, Bye Arthur Ambiance; Mennonite "Barn" Raising....

Thanks, so much, I am sure it will be great information! 

KJuneBug's picture
Re: Bye, Bye Arthur Ambiance; Mennonite "Barn" Raising....

We are going to pass through that area of Illinois on our trip, lucky us it will still be quaint!!

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