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Amish Outhouse Controversy Continues

I'm a big believer in "compromise."  My Rachel sees the world in shades of black and white, while I usually seem room for "wiggle."  Such shades of gray, I recognize, are not always practical. But even our judicial system often recognizes "flexibility" through the "plea bargain."  An armed robber might receive a lesser charge in exchange for a guilty plea or information.  Often I think plea bargains are TOO much compromise.  So why do authorities plea bargain on serious stuff like rape and robbery, but they can't find a middle ground on a toilet issue with the Amish?  I think that is my problem with some of these building code crackdowns lately on the Amish (I'll have more about this in the coming days):  our authorities often seem OK with compromising on seemingly serious stuff but then go after peace-loving, just-leave-me-alone types like the Amish. It doesn't make sense - in my opinion.  A group of ultraconservative Amish in Pennsylvania are being pursued by authorites because they dispose of toilet waste in farm fields.  Gross. I don't side with the Amish on this one. I DO, however, side with them now that they are reaching out to local officials and trying to work out a compromise.  So far they are being rebuffed.  Puh-leeze....don't waste taxpayer money on this, sit down with them (not on a toilet) and work out a compromise, I'm sure there is an acceptable middle ground somewhere.  Click here to read more.

Re: Amish Outhouse Controversy Continues

  I agree.  It seems like some of the lesser offenses are taking up way too much time and money and the big offenders are getting by with minimal time served, not enough community service, small restitution and they're back at it as soon as they're released. 

Re: Amish Outhouse Controversy Continues

 I have to smile every time I see MY RACHEL. Does she approve of you calling her MY Rachel? Im 72 years old and and broad minded but for some reason this bothers me. She doesn't belong to you even though you are engaged to her. Any way this is your business but I would like to know if Rachel approves of you calling her MY RACHEL. Best of luck to both of you in the future.

Re: Amish Outhouse Controversy Continues

A friend of mine & I both have sons named Eddie.  So when we talk about them either among ourselves or on an email group we are both on - we refer to them as "my Eddie" so people know which of the 2 we are talking about.


Re: Amish Outhouse Controversy Continues

Fair enough.  You're the second person to call me on that in the past 24 hours.  Honestly, I wasn't being possessive.....just succinct....I hate to type out "my fiancee Rachel" every single is just very interruptive sentence flow....On the other hand, if I just said "Rachel" (the name is a common Amish one), I'm worried newcomers to the site won't know who I am talking in the interest of brevity, "my Rachel" just seemed short, to-the-point.....but I also don't want newcomers to the site to think I am some sort of male chauvinist women-are-my possession type....sooooo....I'll think of something else to refer to Rachel...maybe just "R?"

Re: Amish Outhouse Controversy Continues

Oh, please Kevin, don't listen to them. My husband refers to me as "my snugglebug" and I wouldn't have it any other way!! As to being "possessive", I do belong to him, heart, mind and soul :) It's the feminists that have told us that it's bad to be "possessed", but it would be long, lonely life if we tried to be completely self-suffiecient.  Being "possessed" by the one you love isn't a bad thing.



LuvMaerz's picture
Re: Amish Outhouse Controversy Continues

"A mind is like a parachute. It doesnt work if it's not open."- Frank Zappa


LOL... What an image!  A bunch of Amish men and city council members sitting around on toilets!  Haha!

Not to be devil's advocate... but isn't this the same branch of Amish who gave such a hard time about the safety triangles on the back of buggies?  If so, maybe the town officials are weary of continued antagonism over public health/safety issues.

But probably, I don't know what I am talking about Wink

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