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Philosophical Question.....

I'm very, very grateful to the people who are supporting the column through The Amish Cook Friend Club.  I just came to the conclusion that what I was doing - what I have been doing to keep The Amish Cook afloat - for the past 19 years simply hasn't been working.  It's a good life lesson: if something isn't working, why keep doing it?  There aren't enough newspapers carrying the Amish Cook (about 120) to keep the column economically viable, but there ARE enough, I'm basically putting the Amish Cook column in the hands of readers each year. I think this will do the trick.  The only question nagging at me:  there are a handful of newspaper editors that would not participate in running anything about the "Friend Club":  Madisonville, Kentucky;  New Philadelphia, Ohio; Tacoma, Washington, and Harrisonburg, a sense readers everywhere else - one could argue -  are now subsidizing the Amish Cook so people in those markets can continue to read it for free.  So do I drop the column from those newspapers?  Or would I be punishing perfectly nice, loyal readers because of the actions of their editors?



Re: Philosophical Question.....

Kevin, maybe the Tacoma News Tribune is warming up....they've started putting in the web site address the last 2-3 weeks.  Look how long that took.  There's always hope.

Re: Philosophical Question.....

I was a little upset when I first opened the paper to look for the column this morning!  It looked like just a regular column instead of the one I had seen last week from AR - so I thought the editor had reversed himself about allowing it.  But it was there when I got to the end of the column that was on a different page.  Unfortunatly, if someone isn't looking for the end of the recipe that was split into 2 parts, they may not really notice it, but it was there!


Re: Philosophical Question.....

Hmmm...that's ashame they split it, but at least they put it in....hopefully in the weeks ahead they'll put it in right with the column.  The Hutchinson News in Kansas is not the largest paper to carry The Amish Cook, but it is one of the more "important" ones simply because of the huge amount of real estate their circulation area covers, from the Colorado line in the west to the Salina-McPherson area in the east....

Re: Philosophical Question.....

Well, I must say that I am slightly biased considering the local newspaper I subscribe to is on that list. The Daily News Record in Harrisonburg, VA should be ashamed of themselves (or at least the editor) in my book. Nonetheless, if their minds can't be changed, I would say to PLEASE keep the Amish Cook column in our paper. The readers support you, Lovina and all you're doing. Too bad the editor doesn't do the same.

LuvMaerz's picture

"A mind is like a parachute. It doesnt work if it's not open."- Frank Zappa


I will have to say that I agree with what the others are saying...if you can sneek in a blurb about inviting the readers to check out all the exciting fun and info online, join other readers, etc.  then when they get here, the first thing they see is the heading about the Friend's Club Smile.  But I certainly wouldn't pull the column, but for the sake of the readers only... however, I can only imagine that it is probably these same stubborn editors who have probably given you trouble over other things in the past.

Re: Philosophical Question.....

That is a dilema, I am a black and white kind of thinker sometimes it gets me into trouble though.  In most cases I would not even suggest sneaking something in, but in this case I would.  I have been amazed at how much control the newspapers have over their content, sort of a censorship?

I don't think it is fair of the newspapers,  to not share this with the readers and not give them the chance to support what is happening.  

Re: Philosophical Question.....


Can the website for the friends' club be part of the "signing off for the week" or an invitation from Lovina or a thank you to her friends within the column. Stir some interest from those reading the column.

The paper my father reads from NP.OH is one that is not co-operating and he has been reading it since her mother was doing it.  He is nearly 87 yo and would be terribly disappointed to see it go.

Re: Philosophical Question.....

I agree, the loyal readers should not be punished for the unconsiderate editors that don't give thier readers a chance to decided if they would like to join the Friends Club. Maybe we, the members, can e-mail the editors and ask them to change their minds.

Re: Philosophical Question.....

iIt was because it one column in the paper that mention that you could go on line and watch a horse and buggy ride that I found the site.  Maybe you can 'sneek' in something at the end of a regular column that will make them want to check it out?

Re: Philosophical Question.....

Cindy -  I agree with your thinking....I think:)   The Hutch News will carry info about the Friend Club tomorrow- Kevin

Re: Philosophical Question.....


I'm glad to hear that they went for it.

I will be doing my membership in about a week.


Re: Philosophical Question.....

I wouldn't drop them, I don't think.  But I might put the web site out there more with maybe something encouraging them to check it out, then they can see the portion about the Friends Club on their own, without having that decision made for them by the newspaper.


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