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Amish Cook Friend Club

Most of you will see a "special" Amish Cook column in your newspaper this week written by yours truly. As editor of the column, I have made an executive decision not to run this in Cincinnati. Tacoma, Washington - I know we have a lot of readers out there - never lets me run anything offbeat, so I won't even attempt to submit it to the News-Tribune. And the editor of the Harrisonburg, Virgnia newspaper is not The Amish Cook's biggest fan, so he has decided to not run this "special" column in his paper. But, for the rest of you, this column will run in your paper or at least a version of it. For those of you who's editor won't run this or will just run part of it, here is the full story behind The Amish Cook Friends Club. [free login required!]

**"Name cards" are small business-card type identifiers that the Amish often exchange at social events. The name cards serve as keepsakes and "reminders" of who they've met. Allow two to four weeks for delivery of name cards.

Readers can also enroll by calling 1-877-571-4112 or mailing payment and information to:

Oasis Newsfeatures, P.O. Box 2144
Middletown, Ohio 45042


Click on any of the below to buy a one-year membership right now!

Editor's Circle $75

  • Lovina Eicher Name Card**
  • 8 X 10 color photo of the Eicher's horse and buggy or meal-time scene
  • Access to all premium content at
  • Quarterly newsletter, "The Amish Cook Extra," with recipes, color photos of Lovina's home, stories and Amish information.
  • Lovina will also send a happy birthday card to the home of one loved one, please include birthday and address for card with order.

Gold $50

  • All of above, except for the birthday card

Silver $25

  • Lovina Eicher Name Card**
  • Access to all premium content at
  • 8 X 10 photo of meal-time scene or buggy

Basic $10

  • Lovina Eicher name card**

Re: Amish Cook Friend Club

I will be joining the Amish Cook Friends club. I read the Amish Cook every week in my local paper. I always admire all that Lovina and her family acomplish. I wish I had the energy Lovina has. Judy Stewart

Re: Amish Cook Friend Club

I love the column and getting to "know" Lovina and her family. I just wish that we could live as simply as the Amish do. Family values seem to have all but vanished in this fast world of ours.

Ann Neville

Re: Amish Cook Friend Club

It has always been my experience that the newspapers pay a fee for all syndicated columns it prints. Is this not the case for the Amish Cook?

Re: Amish Cook Friend Club

Good question, and that is the case.  But most "syndicates" have 50, 100 or even hundreds of writers syndicated to 1000 or more newspapers.  I have one columnist syndicated to 120 newspapers.   Most newspapers that carry The Amish Cook are small, often paying just a few dollars a week for the column.....I think that illustrates the "math" I'm up against and have been up against for quite some time.  I'm trying to "change the game" with the "Friend Club."

Re: Amish Cook Friend Club

I was only too happy to sign up for the "Gold".. I already miss the columns from my paper..Keep up the good work Kevin...I so much enjoy the column and recipes ..Thanks again so much..Love you all..God Bless..Marilyn McCormick..Indiana

Re: Amish Cook Friends Club

Kevin, As a long-time fan of the Amish Cook column, I am excited to provide support for the column. I'd appreciate a couple of clarifications though about how the funds will be used and whether someone who donates has to receive the cards and photos. Personally, I like donations to go to the cause it's supporting, not other products. Also, can I donate online for the newspaper column (not the website)?

Thanks for hanging in there, Cheryl Luts

Re: Amish Cook Friends Club

Cheryl - Thank you for the kind words....I know I - and I know Lovina would feel the same way - would feel "funny" about just "taking a donation."   The little items you get in return are not terribly expensive to produce but are fun keepsakes for fans of the column to we'd appreciate everyone accepting the items that go with the "friend club."   Also, donations online go to the column, Lovina, etc and not to the website...the website, column, everyone is inseparably "one."   I've had people inquire: does Lovina benefit from the "Friends Club."  My answer: ABSOLUTELY.  I would be THRILLED to be able to pay her more for efforts, so the funds are spread out to help keep the column operational, pay Lovina more, upkeep for the column and website, etc....Hope that helps.  Thanks! - Kevin

Re: Amish Cook Friends Club

Marybeth - That is very kind of you....I just - after much agonizing - came to the conclusion that the Amish Cook column - long term - simply isn't viable without reader support.  And certainly not every reader has to join the Friends Club for it to achieve its mission, only a small percentage of readers need to if anyone out there loves the column but joining the Friend Clubs isn't within your budget, that's fine....I look at this like a "voluntary toll road"....if enough people drop some $$ in, that'll be enough to keep the road pot-hole and rut-free...Kevin

Re: Amish Cook Friends Club

The article/column turned out very good.  I like the way it reads and hope and pray that it gets the desired result.  My continued best wishes and hope that we can save our beloved "Amish Cook" column.  I will try to send support to "Amish Friends" when my taxes come in.  Please keep in mind that I would be glad to help in any way you and Lovina need, just let me know.

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