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My last "bunny" related post

LuvMaerz's picture

     A few observances of mine over the weekend:  Parents should definitely let their kids have FUN at sponsored Easter egg hunts.  Too often, the parents are mobbing the poor kids to where they can't even see an egg.  With the little ones, it is definitely important that a grown-up is out there to guide the babies/toddlers... but my SIL said parents were even out there with the 8-10 year group, even when asked to stay back.  Not good lessons to teach.

Make a menu and stick to it.  I spent 1 1/2 hours making intricate chick/bunny cupcakes, and only 3 were eatten because my MIL decided to make 3 pies at the last minute.  I ended up giving them to neighbors and friends to reduce my temptation Tongue out.

AND... if you get to Wal-Mart early enough the day after a holiday, you will get a good pick of 50% off clearance.  LOL... clearance is my downfall, at times.  Now if only I could talk my husband into letting me go to Target.

 On a sad note, the young priest who prepped/married my husband and I almost 7 years ago died in his sleep on Good Friday afternoon.  He was around 38 years old, and a juvenille diabetic.  After a bad bout of flu, it was suspected that maybe his blood sugar bottomed out while he was so sick and sleeping.  It is a huge shock.  A great guy that had fallen on hard times, but he is in a much better place now.

KJuneBug's picture
Re: My last "bunny" related post

That is very sad about your priest.  I will add that petition to my prayers. You are actually regularly in my prayers, I always pray a blessing for you, as a young mother/wife, it isn't always easy.   

Now about public egg hunts, you probably can guess what I might say.  Just don't go, it really isn't worth the time, and to keep the focus on the "holyday" on Christ, a public egg hunt is probably secularly centered. Plus this is advice from experience.  When our oldest was little and we knew no better, we took her, only to experience the same greedy parents you encountered! But-- Jesus is so good! As our faith grew and our knowledge of our blessed Lord Jesus grew, we began dropping such public secular activities.  So, our 4 younger children have never even known about such things. What we do we do- we have a collection of plastic eggs that are hidden at home, empty, the children search for those.  This year was fun, since our youngest had her bday yesterday, we had her bday party on Sat. our boys (along with Dad)  had so much fun hiding the eggs for the party.  It is still fun but on our terms.       

Giving those parents the benefit of the doubt, those who were following their 8-10 yr olds, some may be like us.  We keep close to our children at large public functions so we too would tag along, but not interfere with the integrity of the event. One of our family policies, is that we don't "drop off" any of our children for classes or anything, we stay with them.  Like with ballet or TaeKwonDo it might be we are in the hall, but we are there, there are creepos everywhere and especially in places where children are gathered for classes or child like functions. In this day and age, parents cannot be naive on this sugject and this is one policy that we never back down on.       

LuvMaerz's picture
Much appriciated!

"A mind is like a parachute. It doesnt work if it's not open."- Frank Zappa

 KJB, I appriciate any prayers that come my way.  Thank you.  On trying days, like today, I think that is the only thing that gets me though.  I wish my husband could understand that it is not easy to fix up/keep a house clean while catering to the needs of two small kids...I will be honest, it is much easier to work a full-time job!  But I am blessed to have this opportunity and I hope to keep doing it as long as I am ableLaughing

 The funny thing about the Easter egg hunt was that a lot of the parents I saw there had attended a workshop of "Love & Logic" parenting skills/discipline that was sponsored by a local church and area organizations last fall.  (It has great info, and they have a website if you are interested).  Anyway, ironically it was often these parents who are being the aggressive ones.  Little eyes, little ears are near!  Besides the fact that it was 30 degrees and cloudy/cold, I don't know why we went except that my family was visiting and wanted to see the girls at the "hunt".  Heaven knows we don't need the candy! 

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