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Age Poll

Don't worry I'm not "mining demographic data" to sell to anyone.  I'm just a "data geek" sometimes.  I spend all this time on working on that it's fun to see who all is coming here.   I know the site skews female, but what about age?   I'd love for our oldest visitor to comment (an 88-year-old woman once did) and our youngest.   I lumped 18 - 35 together.  I'm always amused when television stations say, "our research shows that the 18-35 year old demographic likes such and such."  My television taste now is very different than it was at 18.  But I am 35 now so I shall enjoy my final year of being lumped in with the teens!  Age is quite relative too depending on what you are doing I suppose.  By the time a major league baseball player is 45, they're washed up (except for Cleveland's Julio Franco who vows to play until he is 50 and he just might).  But if you are 45 years old and running for president (Barack Obama), everyone talks about how youthful you are.   So the solution to wanting to seem young in your 40s?  Run for President.......

Re: Age Poll

Gosh, it looks like wesleyba and I are the oldest on here.  I will be 59 this year.  That's OK -- I enjoy being a granny to my four grandchildren! Tongue out

Re: Age Poll

I'm 33.  My husband is 8 days younger than I, but teases me like he's 8 YEARS younger.  LOL  Lucky for me my age has never really bothered me, so all his teasing is for naught! 


Re: Age Poll

Looks like I'm the baby...I'm 24 until July. :)

Re: Age Poll

     I'm only 60 yrs young  Laughing

Re: Age Poll

I'm 42.

Re: Age Poll

I am 29 years old- at least until October. It shouldn't bother me to turn 30, but it really does!! No offense to anyone in their 30's, but I just feel like hitting that big 3-0 is the end of my "Young Adulthood". My husband is 8 years older (soon 38) than me and loves to pick on me about turning 30, but I can remind him that I'm still closer to 20 than he'll ever be and he's actually closer to 50 than he ever will be 20 again! Really shuts him up!
I guess, too, that age is all relative. I got married young at 20, then we started a family soon after. I had my first daughter at 22 and have had three more children since. I think the fact that I'm at the end (I think) of my child-bearing years, that makes me feel "older" since many of my friends are just starting out married life with children.
Anyway- I'm thankful for my life- every day of it and hope to make it to 100!


KJuneBug's picture
Re: Age Poll

My husband and your husband are about the same age and I am 45! 16 years older than you!! Don't feel old going into your thirties, I had babies up until I was 38! The thirties are awesome, you tend to mellow and be more comfortable just being who you are!  

Re: Age Poll

I look forward to reading The Amish Cook every week.  Age is just a number.  I'm grateful that I'm 57 years old,and in good health,and that I have out lived a lot of other people.


KJuneBug's picture
Re: Age Poll

Age is relative, you can feel old or feel young that choice is up to you!  Considering that my 5 children are 19 down to 7 do the math I was possibly condsidered "old" when my youngest was born, I am 45 now.  I am fortunate to have young looking genes run in the family.  To see me with my 19 year old, most people think that I was a teen when I had her.

Funny age story, my Mom is in the hospital (long story) with a chronic condition, so my Dad obviously is spending quite a bit of time there with her.  A nurse walks in and asks if he is my Mom's son!!  She really is quite young looking, she just was looking a bit tattered from not feeling well! That made us laugh.

We have a 97 year young lady in our congregation, who lives on her own and is the tiniest woman I have ever known, the only thing that doesn't work so well these days are her ears. She is treated special by all.

See it is all relative.  

Re: Age Poll

Last summer I went to a Cincinnati Reds game with some family and went to buy beer.  I don't take my purse with me when I go (just something to keep up with) so I didn't have my ID on me.  I couldn't believe it when they carded me to buy the beer!! I laughed at the young man asked him why he was carding me, he said he had to ask anyone who looked 30 years or younger for their ID.  Well I'm 47 years old and he made my dayLaughing 

LuvMaerz's picture
Re: Age Poll

"A mind is like a parachute. It doesnt work if it's not open."- Frank Zappa

Thinking about the 45 year old person being young/old, I am reminded by how I had to change my definition of "old" once I began working as a nurse.  I graduated from college on my 22nd birthday and started my first RN position a month at that time, a 40-something was still "old" in my vocabulary.  But after awhile, if we got a patient on our Rehabilitation floor with a stroke who was in their 60's, I would automatically think, "Wow, but they are so young!."  By that point, someone in their late 80's became my definition of "old".

Another careful of anyone that thinks they are being coy and asks you to guess their age.  Try not to even play that game, but if you do, guess 10 years younger than you actually think they are.  Makes them happy, but better yet, keeps you out of the doghouse Sealed

Re: Age Poll

I just turned 37 last month, and my husband is 15 years older than me!!! 

I do, however, really enjoy reading The Amish Cook every week!  Keep up the good work Lovina and Kevin!


Re: Age Poll

hi.  i love reading the column.  as for my age i am 26.  my husband keeps telling me i am old but i say that age is a state of mind....your only as old as you feel.

Re: Age Poll

It really is nice to hear from readers in "my" age bracket.....this takes nothing away from older readers, but many times newspaper editors will tell me "oh, no one under 40 readers The Amish Cook" and I'll just kinda stammer, but it does seem we have a nice mix of ages which is really what I like to see!

Re: Age Poll


 Kevin, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy the cookbook that you produced in collaboration with Elizabeth Coblentz. Actually, I have an amusing story about it. A few years ago, I checked it out from my local library. It is a lovely looking book, nice pictures, good paper et al. Anyhow, I was making one of the recipes from it and I had the book too near to the stove. Well, before I knew it the book was up in flames.! I quickly put it out, but not before a bit of damage was done to the cover. I bought a new one for the library, and they told me to keep the original.  So, that is my war story. Well, now for the question: how old am I? I am 55. Sue


Re: Age Poll

Well, Sue, you can say that you officially "fired" The Amish, comedy isn't my strong suit.  That said, your excuse for a ratty book is better than mine. My copy was on my desk and my dog got it one day and decided it was a chew toy.  SIGH

LuvMaerz's picture
Re: Age Poll

"A mind is like a parachute. It doesnt work if it's not open."- Frank Zappa

 I'm 27... at least for another month and a half.  But I don't really care about birthdays anymore.

 I have decided that you know you are getting old when you really have to think about how old you are.  I never understood how someones age couldn't just jump off their own tongue when asked, but even now, sometimes I have to think.  And my sister-in-law, God love her but she is a little ditzy, argued with her husband one night a week before her birthday that she was getting ready to turn 38... turns out she was actually getting ready to turn 37 Wink.  Apparently, she argued with him for an hour before she realized that she was actually a year YOUNGER than she thought!  LOL

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