Update: Murder Victim Amish

Wow, this is just so, so unusual.  I've been able to confirm through a variety of channels, supplemented by the wonderful research of our site's intrepid researcher, Kay, that Barbara Weaver was, indeed, Amish.   I'll be following this case closely and providing updates, because this case is just so out of the ordinary.

Re: Update: Murder Victim Amish

This is very tragic.  Hate to sound too cynical but we do have a Scott Peterson on death row for taking a fishing trip on Christmas eve day the day his wife just happened to disappear...

Re: Update: Murder Victim Amish

I found this article that talks about the husband and their business. It does indeed confirm the family was Amish. It's from last year and has nothing to do with the case though.

Re: Update: Murder Victim Amish

Ha, it would have been nice if I actually put the link.



Also, I found these articles that I dont think anyone posted a link to yet, though I don't think they have any new information.





This article has a video and part of the 911 call, an interview with a family friend (im guessing), and info on when the husband left and where he went:



Another two videos, one seems to have some small updates:








Re: Update: Murder Victim Amish

Thank you, xoinncoent, for those links.  I'm just stymied why this case hasn't merited a follow-up story.  Maybe I will do a follow-up story....

Re: Update: Murder Victim Amish

You are most welcome! I've been reading the page for a while now but finally decided to get an account and post.

To introduce myself, my name is Becky. I live in SC but am getting ready to move to TX next month. I grew up in NJ, and took trips to the Lancaster area often - I still have friends there so I go up there every now and then. I am planning to visit to community in Union Grove, NC next weekend so I will share on my experiences afterwards!

Re: Update: Murder Victim Amish

Yes, please...I'd love to hear about your visit to Union Grove...that is a settlement I just don't know much about....

Re: Update: Murder Victim Amish

Any updates on suspects etc???

Re: Update: Murder Victim Amish

I've been working the phones this afternoon to various sources, etc....Not finding out much....this just bizarre. I will have a full update in the morning....

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