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Shoofly pie is an acquired taste and definitely a regional confection. I think I've acquired the taste...I think.  The pie a molasses based dessert that really enjoys a following among the Pennsylvania Amish, but not so much elsewhere.  In Indiana, oatmeal pie and sugar cream seem to be the unique pie flavors of choice for the Amish.  One Amish entrepreneur I met in Indiana moved to the Hoosier State from Pennsylvania. He tried selling homemade shoofly pies in his store but "they just didn't catch on," he said.   I've discussed on here other times how the pie got its name - there are numerous theories - so I won't get into those again now.  My issue is that it is difficult to find good versions of the pie. Some are too dry, others are too thick with molasses.  The perfect shoofly pie is an equillibrium of molasses and crumb topping that makes for a creamy filling.  I'm a little late on this, but May 14 was "Shoofly Pie Day" in Pennsylvania and here's an article with a bit more information.  This article has a wonderful picture with it of what a perfectly-made shoofly pie is supposed to resemble.   And this news piece gives some restaurant recommendations in eastern Pennsylvania where one can go to get genuine shoofly pie, so save this list if you are goiing to be traveling through the Keystone State and having a hankerin' for shoofly pie!

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Kinda funny, my neighbor when I was  a child made shoofly pie. Even as a little kid ( way back before dirt was formed), I thought it was too sweet. I honestly have no clue as to whether or not she had Amish roots, but she made this pie regularly, and was an all around great cook!! I blogged abt.  Mayday on rfdPA, and she is the lady I referred to. Funny how things crop up that will make me remember my old neighbors. I still live in the same place...Tho' the people have changed ..Ahh memories!

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It's funny you mentioned how molassas is the key ingredient.  This is a topic that has been driving me nuts for years and one I posted on awhile back in the forum area. 

The pie confused me at first cause there were times I absolutely loved it and times I couldn't stand it.  I realized the ones I did not like all had a strong molasses taste, but the ones I loved were more like a creamy texture pecan pie, but minus the nuts and a slightly different flavor.  After that I stumbed on a VERY old recipe that I think had come from Dutch Haven (a longstanding Shoofly Pie institution in Lancaster...well think it's in Ronks to be specific lol.  Instead of molassas it had corn syrup in it.  Sadly over the years that recipe vanished and I've been looking for it since. 

Then not long ago I stumbled on a site that said the key to a good Shoofly Pie is something called King's Syrup.  (again instead of molasses).  I was hoping someone had a clue what this stuff was like, since they don't sell it in my state and the shipping is really pricey (more on the shipping end then the item end).  Here's one of the sites I read up about it on.  If you go to the Shoofly Pie recipe page you can see the color is a tiny bit lighter than some others. 

Since I've started trying to track down info on this...mind you I've been at it for YEARS... I've found all sorts of recipes and combos.  There are recipes that are all light or dark corn sryup, some with a mixture, some with a mixture of that and molasses, some with light molasses (another thing I've never seen).  And I remember hearing that some Amish make their own molasses which is why the taste is so much different from roadside stand pies.  Kevin would you know anything about this?  I've looked and never found a recipe, so question if it's true.  But then again, I've had some really good tasting ones directly from the Amish! 

If I ever figure this out, I'm planning on making one!  Heck maybe I'll make one anyway in honor of this recently passed Shoofly Pie day lolol. I am convinced there is some other key since I really am not a big fan of the taste of molasses, so this all would make sense.  I just hate experimenting with that many calories lolol.  But YUM could sure go for a GOOD slice!

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What a good time to mention Shoofly Pie. Surprised  My sister's friend returned to FL from a trip to PA on Saturday and brought a small pie.  My sister being a very nice person shared with me.  Yum, it was perfectly made. Smile

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