Rash of Accidents in Lancaster County....

The latest tragedy to hit the Amish of Lancaster County is the drowning death of a 17-year-old boy.  But the past month has seen mishaps that have led to three or four deaths among youth in the county.  Click here to read the run-down.

Re: Rash of Accidents in Lancaster County....

This is a terrible accident. Perhaps it would've had a different outcome if the boys knew what to do to keep safe around water.

I'm an EMT. I feel very strongly that everyone should know CPR and basic first aid. This is especially important for the Amish.  Valuable time is lost because they need to run down the lane to a phone. Add to that the response time of the first aid squad and you have the makings of a (possibly preventable) tragedy. Lives can be saved if CPR is started promptly or bleeding is controlled. They'll do all they can to save their houses, barns and livestock so why shouldn't they do everything they can to save each other too?

There have been countless stories of young kids saving people's lives because they new what to do in an emergency. They've performed CPR; the Heimlich Maneuver; controlled bleeding; and, even delivered babies. All it takes is a few quick classroom demonstrations. (I'm pretty sure this isn't against the Ordnung, as they do have Amish firefighters. It can easily be incorporated into their school curriculum.)

Maybe we can start a new trend- Amish CPR frolics!

Re: Rash of Accidents in Lancaster County....

This is a good post, thank you.  More and more Amish ARE embracing water safety.  Some Amish settlements in Indiana offer swimming safety and classes for their children.  CPR Frolic is a good idea!

Re: Rash of Accidents in Lancaster County....

More sad news..Wouldn't it be nice to have a single day devoted to "good news"? I know, good news doesn't sell. My prayers to all of these families.

Re: Rash of Accidents in Lancaster County....

 This makes me thanful that lovina is having her children learn to swim.  Accidents often happen but knowing how to swim may have saved this young boy. I have a son that refused to learn how to swim. His friends thought they would pull a prank on him and tossed him in a lake  . He sank to the bottom like a rock. Thankful they were able to pull him out safely. They all learned something that day, for my son maybe swimming lesson would have been a good thing. Those pulling a prank realized what was funny can and did turn serious quick.  Sending prayers to the family of this young man. linda

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