Mennonite-Amish Healthcare Dilemmas

The Wall Street Journal has a superb article this weekend about the often helpless situation "plain people" find themselves when it comes to health care expenses.  The Amish and most conservative Mennonites generally opt out of any health insurance plans from their employers.  They believe that the Amish community needs to take care of one another.  For the most part this works.  Amish church members pool their money and if someone falls ill the bills get paid.  But what about a settlement that gets hammered with many, many people falling ill?    It's a tough, tough problem and the WSJ does a great job of walking through the complexities and nuances.  Ultimately, though, the article could be applied to our health care system as a whole: we have some of the best healthcare in the world, with the most unfair ways to fund it.  Anyway, I won't preach here.  Just read this good article and we can discuss.  

And, gee, big surprise: bye, bye "Pigeon King."   I wrote about this absurb outfit earlier this year and how so many Amish were getting roped into this.  Well, now, big surprise, Pigeon King has come crashing down.

Re: Mennonite-Amish Healthcare Dilemmas

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Seems to me that some Amish are using horses less and less and hiring drivers, mostly because the traffic is getting so bad. Several ladies I know have given up "driving" because they didn't like how even good horses can get spooked or fail to obey with all the cars around. I think buggies are OK for back roads, where people kind of expect them to be, but the big roads are getting even more dangerous for them.
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Re: reply

Thanks for your comments. Not sure this belongs under the healthcare thread, but....Yea, I find that SOME Amish settlements are relying less on horses because of the urban issues you describe...The German Baptists (Dunkers) still maintain a "plain lifestyles" even with using automobiles.  I think someday you'll at least see some Amish adopted that "model".....

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Re: pigeon king

Well I'm sorry to hear about that. My question is still, was it a legit business? The article just says that the company went belly up. There were pigeons there which were taken. It just sounds like it was a failed enterprise. Although a fan and former breeder myself I still have to wonder who would have been interested in them. There can't be that many fanciers. Many people don't even know that pigeons are not just flying rats in major cities, or a delicacy on the plate. Anyway, I'm sorry to see this happen to all who have made investments.  

Re: Mennonite-Amish Healthcare Dilemmas

RE: Pigeon Man    I have a nice big bridge for sale guranteed to make you rich.  Any takers?

Re: Mennonite-Amish Healthcare Dilemmas

I have a nice big bridge to sell, guaranteed to make you rich....any takers? Re: Pigeon Man

Re: Mennonite-Amish Healthcare Dilemmas


Pigeon King- ahhh another one bites the dust.

 All levity aside, this sounds like a major financial disaster. This could have the same effect on the Amish/Mennonite communities that Enron had a few years ago.

For $200.000. we must be talking about an entire communities "extra" monies.

What a scumbag but I am also wondering why there hasn't been more media coverage of this??

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