Maine Amish; Cougar Story False?

An interesting article appeared in the Waterville, Maine newspaper today about the state's growing Amish population.  I'm not surprised, I'm only surprised the influx didn't happen sooner.  Rugged Maine is a great fit for the self-sufficient, agrarian Amish.  Click here to read the article.  I was a little puzzled, though, to read about the Amish in one new Maine settlement "building a church."  One of the hallmarks of the Old Order Amish is that they usually worship in the homes of church members.  So I'm unclear whether this is a mistake by the reporter or whether this really is accurate.  If it's accurate then it's an interesting shift away from home-worship in an Old Order Amish community.

I posted a story a week or so ago about an Amish man in Lancaster County, PA who reported being attacked by mountain lions.  While I can think of no motive for this man to fabricate a tale, I still don't believe his story.  Mountain lions in the eastern US are either extinct or very, very rare.  So to think he was attacked by not one, but THREE, stretches believeability.  Still, the man is sticking with his story despite the Pennsylvania Game Commission now also labeling the incident a hoax.  Not everyone is dismissing the man's story:  "Cougar-phobia" is now running rampant in Lancaster County.  A public meeting was held last night to try to answer questions from concerned citizens.

Re: Maine Amish; Cougar Story False?

There have been confirmed sightings of both cougar and black bear in southern Michigan, Barry and Calhoun County to be specific, so why not Pennsylvania? I don't doubt it one bit.

Re: Maine Amish; Cougar Story False?

If it has been a sighting of a lone cat prowling through a field....then I could find that plausible.  You're right, cougars are making a slow comeback....but, when I hear a tale of THREE mountain lions surrounding a man in a place where they haven't been seen for a 100 years....something is fishy...

Re: Maine Amish; Cougar Story False?

I think the writer meant that the school is affiliated with the church, as in the group not the building. That's just a guess though!!  If they ride in open buggies all the time, they sure will be cold in the winter. 

I found it interesting that these are Canadian Amish, and that they left in part because of some  property laws, how does that work? Do they become US citizens? Or are here on green cards? 

To be discreet, chaste, keepers at home, good, obedient to their own husbands, that the word of God be not blasphemed. Titus 2:5

Re: Maine Amish; Cougar Story False?

KJunebug, that is a superb, superb question.....I wish I had an answer...I'll certainly ask Lovina.  I mean, I know that you or I could probably just not "move to Canada"....although I think moving to the US is easier than the other way around, but I'm just not sure....

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