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Iowa's largest Amish population resides around the town of Kalona not far south of Iowa City.   Iowa is home to other sizable Amish areas (near Oelwein is another), but Kalona is the largest and most prominent.  Two Kalona stories are in the news recently.  One is an article about Iowa's new official state poet, a professor who lives part-time outside Kalona.  I've said before that I have immense respect for the craft of poetry, but I just can't get into it a whole lot myself.  Poetry is so personal and so subjective that I just find it to be abstract art in word form.  I guess I'm just not an appreciative audience for poetry.  But if you want to read about Iowa's newest "poet laureate" and the Amish influence on her, click here.  Meanwhile, what is the heck with this?? A tiny, tiny Colorado paper sends a reporter clear to Iowa to do a story about Kalona?  That is awesome.  In a time of pinched budgets at newspapers, finding a small, scrappy publication willing to go the extra mile and extra dollar is rare.  I'd have to think the reporter was traveling that way anyway, but, either way, it harkens back to the golden age of newspapers when they really did offer a little something for everyone reading-wise.....Click here to read their story about Kalona.

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  Yes, I agree, it is so refreshing to read a story like this one, thank you Kevin for sharing this with your readers!

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Mary Swander is so great!  Her book, "Out Of This World," is one of the few "English person befriends the Amish" memoirs that seems authentic to me--she's a neighbor and a fellow gardener, not a seeker.  I really enjoyed it.

Also, the cheese curds at Twin County Dairy (shown in the picture) are so delicious, and inexpensive--$4.50 / pound.  Every time I go down to Kalona, I have to get some for my husband and me, some for my mom and stepdad, and usually some just for sharing with whomever.  YUM

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Haven't we all heard of Penicillin? Go get the cheese and cut off the mold, LOL! (actually, I think that pen. was started from a bread mold, not cheese)

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This is a good article!! It is so REFRESHING to see a good story, with no bad news!!! I for one, am so weary of the constant barrage of bad news..it seems it is all we get these days. Thanks so much for sharing this, it may be one small story, but it is a huge light in a dark time!!! I hope everyone on this site will take the time to read it.

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