Interesting Article About the Amish & Stoltzfus Name

I've been a bit of a curmudgeon lately regarding any article in the mainstream press about the Amish.  They often are so cliche-packed and trend-driven.   When the recession hit, all the big city dailies thought they had some great scoop about how the Amish are handling it.  When boom times return, they'll do it all in reverse.  There's just often little new in these pieces.  But the Reading Eagle in Pennsylvania runs a superb article today that hits on two themes:  the return of Amish families to a rural corner of Berks County after almost 200 years.  And there's a separate storyline about the importance of the surname Stoltzfus in the Amish community.  This article gives some great history.  Stoltzfus - sometimes spelled Stoltzfoos - is a very common Amish name in some settlements and it's nice to make a connection.   All Amish Stoltzfuses can trace their lineage, if they chose, to one Nicholas Stoltzfus, which the article explains.  So, for a good read, check this out.

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Re: Interesting Article About the Amish & Stoltzfus Name

There are several familis of Stoltzfus or Stoltzfoos in my area of Christian County KY. alone.  I just looked in the phone book, and there are 24 listings of this name.  Since the phones are community phones (set between 2 or 3 farms) you know there has to be several families. They are in the Elkton, Hopkinsville, Gracy and Trigg County areas.

My husband and I are very good friends with the settlement in Hopkinsville.  I have been their "driver" for several trips to auctions, etc.  There are 7 brothers (Stoltzfus) that bought a large farm in Hopkinsville.  I believe they have about 500 or more acres between them.  Plus  3 sisters and their families are living on this farm also.  You couldn't ask for better neighbors.

One brother does cabinet work, one has a large farm supply store on the farm, one brother does plumbing, and one sells wood, corn, and coal stoves.  The others farm the land.  They ALL grow hay, have milk cows, some corn and tobacco.  This is the one crop that puzzles me however.  The Menonites here in Crofton, will NOT grow tobacco, however the Amish will.   Karen

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