Hutterite Help; Amish Family Battles Illness...

Like the Amish, Hutterites have an uncanny ability to band together to help someone in a time of need.  A tragedy at a nearby grain bin brought out 100 Hutterites with shovels ready to assist.  The efforts couldn't avoid a tragedy, but it's a touching testement to Hutterite help.  Click here to read this short but poignant piece.

Meanwhile an article in this morning's Ashtabula, Ohio newspaper caught my eye.  An Amish family battling extensive medical bills has found some ways to cope with the expenses and inconveniences.  Typically the Amish don't carry medical insurance, although I am hearing of more and more cases where they are.  And, really, who can blame them?  The skyrocketing medical costs in the USA are outrageous.  So, if this article is accurate this is an example of an Amish family that is apparently opting for insurance.

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Re: Hutterite Help; Amish Family Battles Illness...

Medical care is one reason I'm so glad to be Canadian.  I couldn't imagine having to weigh getting Ella medical attention against the cash in our bank account!  I can take her into the doctor any time for any reason as often as I want.  True, we have to pay for any prescriptions but there is income geared insurance to cover that.  All hospital visit costs are also free.  Good thing too because I saw the "out of province" costs for a c-section and we would have had to have left Ella there -haha.

Re: Hutterite Help; Amish Family Battles Illness...

SIGH, Paula, that is at least one (I think there are probably many others) thing that Canada does a lot better than us: Health care! I'm envious!

Re: Hutterite Help; Amish Family Battles Illness...

I would think that the Children's Hospital would have an uncompensated care fund, so that the care ofa child is ever turned away due to lack of money.  That's the way if works here at our Children's Hosp.  I know because I am a member of one of the 500 guilds that raise $$ for that fund.  There is a 47 million $$ need each year.  That could be how some of the expenses were covered.  Techinically it wouldn't be insurance.     

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