This is Bizarre....

Police in suburban Cleveland tried to pull a guy over for speeding.  He wouldn't pull over, so a chase ensued.  The car - with police in pursuit - went up to 100 mph through rural, bucolic Amish country east of Cleveland.   Amish people on buggies helped direct police the right way to find the evasive speeder.  Yes, this ended without tragedy, but, sheesh, I just wonder about the wisdom of police chases through such dangerous areas (full of slow-moving buggies)? Yes, the article says the cop acted responsibly and slowed down around buggies and I'm glad the episode ended without tragedy. I'm NOT advocated fleeing the cops, the speeder should have stopped.  But, sheesh, the police could well have turned a simple speeding ticket into a tragedy by starting this here to read more.

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Re: This is Bizarre....

That's so scary. Thank goodess it ended well.  It reminds me of a tragedy when I was growing up.  I was in high school and had a 13 year old neighbor. He as a bit of a brat but basically a good kid.  He took his parents car out joyriding.  The cops initiated a high speed chase causing him to lose control, crash into a pole and die.  Mind you this was the middle of the night, the road he was on was empty and he looked like a little kid.

His poor parents never recovered.  And we all felt if the cops had backed off he would have just driven home.  Granted hindesite is 20/20 but seeing it was a kid, an inexperienced drive and the road was empty we never understood why the cop didn't just follow at a reasonable speed not chase the kid faster and faster.  All these years later and it's still sooo sad to think about this.

ETA just watched the video.  Did it ever occur to the deputy that the high speed he was driving out could EASILY have spooked any of the horse when he flew past the buggies??!!!!!  SHEESH

Re: This is Bizarre....

Well, he didn't run away because he was speeding, it was because of the expired license, and they said he was in Mom & Dad's car too.  It's only those who have had other runs in with the law that bolt. 

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