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Amish/Mennonites Retrace Their Roots Through......New Mexico?

A small newspaper in southeastern Colorado ran a fascinating article this morning about a group of Amish and Mennonites who recently went on a tour of a former Amish settlement in New Mexico.  The settlement was active in the 1920s before eventually being abandoned.  It would be probably another 60 years or so before the Amish returned to New Mexico.  Today, the state has a small, but growing, Amish presence.  This article fascinates me because it showcases what a strong connection plain people maintain to their past.  Reading this article, some Amish people talk about their relatives in the 1920s as if it were last week.  I think many non-Amish Americans, including myself, have lost that connection.  So if you want a very interesting read about the Amish in New Mexico.  The tour contained a mix of Old Order Amish and Mennonites who weren't plain.  I would have loved to have been on this tour because it seemed to feature such a diverse group.  Click here to read.

Re: Amish/Mennonites Retrace Their Roots Through......New ...

I really enjoyed this story!  I've be actively working on the genealogy of my family, but of course I do it with writing and pictures - old and new.  Having just traveled to Ireland in July and staying with relatives that I met a few years ago and meeting more of my grandparents families, I can identify with the travelers in the story.  It's very emotional to stand where your grandmother or grandfather was born and to imagine how they lived.  The house my grandmother was born in is an old barn now on rocky, rocky ground.  One of the reasons she left Ireland is because it was so hard to make a living on that land. There were 11 siblings on my grandfather's side and 10 on my grandmothers.  Both families lived in two roon houses.

Thanks Kevin for bringing that story to our attention.  Interesting to see how others learn of their family history.