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I would like to know who "Stutzman" is. That is my maiden name.


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Newbie here, I am so engrossed in both TheAmish cook at home and The Amish cook, my husband and i are both reading these books and are awaiting the next book........thank you so much for putting these books together and giving us some insight into the life of Lovina...awesome job

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Well, thank you, Primginger, I hope you come `round again!

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I am new to the list. I worked with Lovina and her sisters years ago and had the honor of knowing their mother. Lately I have had her on my mind lately and decided to look for her.You could not meet a better people than Lovina and her family.

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Thanks for stopping by, Amanda...I'll tell her you said "hello"

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Hi “Cat”  I’m glad you’re here and posting.  I’ve found your comments interesting and educational and not at all pushy. Smile   I haven’t had a chance to go to the site you mentioned, but I hope to get there soon.  Lots of us list sites with additional information on a topic, or sites we think others might find interesting.  In general, we seem to respond more to things Kevin starts than to threads or comments from other readers. 

If you watch “who’s new” in the left column you’ll see there are many, many more readers than writers; so you are doing great to share with us, especially being shy.   Welcome to you!  I look forward to reading your posts and hope that you find those cousins.   -- Kay

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TomK, we have some really nice guys and a couple of "ornery" ones at Mrs S.  I'm sure you'd find something to share, and some things you like.  *smile*

I know I just kind of jumped in here, and no one else knows me. Maybe I seem pushy; I don't know.  In real life, I'm incredibly shy and conversation doesn't come easy unless I get to ask questions about the other person.

I didn't post to try and get people to go over to the site where I mostly hang out. But I talked about it so that if anyone is curious about who this crazy woman is, they could read "who I am" there.  My online name is "Cat" at Mrs Survival, but if you see a "Cat" somewhere else, it's probably not me, as I stick pretty close to where I know I can help people and have fun.

And it's actually a little scary using my maiden name here and linking it to Cat, because it's pretty easy to find who I am in real life if you're from the area. But I am hoping that using Stutzman might help me find a cousin or two "out there".

I kind of feel like the new kid at the coffee table that no one wants to talk to yet.  But I'm offering bits and pieces of "me" with a few recipes so you know I'm a real person who just kind of wants to be a friend...


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Re: Who's New List

Well hello Stutzman. welcome to the Amish Cook and maybe I'll check out that there Mrs. Survival.


Part 2: nice looking site, but ALL them women... Don't know if they would take kindly to a man like me coming into their territory sort-of-speak...  LOL

Re: Who's New List

*smile*  That's why I chose it as my name here.  You never know just who might be here online! I hoped if it was familiar, someone would ask.

It's my maiden name, too. Grandpa Levi Stutzman was a Bishop of the Old Order Amish in Nappanee.  Grandma Emma was from the Hochstetlers.

I've been active online since 1999, mostly at a place called Mrs Survival, where I'm part of the furniture -OOPS- I mean administration. It's a place for women, with mostly women there plus the few odd men who can tolerate the estrogen without feeling threatened or domineering. Laughing  Tom would LOVE it there!!!  LOL

I try to keep things calm, talk about food preservation, saving money, raising chickens, current events, and lots more.  I *think* one of my biggest jobs is soothing ruffled feathers!!! LOL 

I love this place... I was reading "The Amish Cook" when Elizabeth was writing it, then lost it for a while until when we got it again, it was Lovina writing. I'm delighted to have finally remembered to look for the website!!

And while I'm sorry I just kind of "jumped in" without an introduction, I didn't see a place to introduce ourselves. 

Thank you for the chance!  And now... I'm wondering if we're cousins... ??



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