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Trail Drive Breakfast

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Stampede Egg Scramble:

I've condensed this down to one serving for you all


1 egg

5 egg whites

Some meat - About a handful for 1 person, usually beef ( Duh!, since there's cattle all around you) either ground or cubed but you could use sausage, bologna, ham, rattler, prarie dog, etc.  Side Note: One-Eye Jack lost his horse one night, sad for a man to lose his horse, but we cowboys sure all commented on how cookie had some good tasting meat for breakfast the following morning.

Handful of chopped green and red bell pepper

1/2 of a potato - diced, sliced, grated or chopped, your choice

Small amount of chopped onion

Some black pepper and salt

Beat the egg and egg whites in a bowl while cooking the other stuff in a fry pan over medium-high heat ( small camp fire for you city folks) for about 5 minutes - turn down heat to medium ( hold off to side of campfire or raise your rack. P S: Talking about the wire grill over the fire here ladies) and add egg mixture. Stir and cook until eggs are firm.

Have a bottle of hot sauce sitting by for those hands that like things hot!

 Serve with Dutch oven biscuits, whiten whipped grease gravy and black coffee always!

Re: Trail Drive Breakfast

 no but i would like a recipe of the sour dough starter for biskets. did they use the starter for trail rides? Also can they be made and frozen?

Re: Trail Drive Breakfast

Yup, I'll be trying that this weekend...might even fix it in the Big Green Egg for that campfire taste.  Sounds delish.  Now if I could just master biscuits---instead of hockey pucks...

Re: Trail Drive Breakfast

Meg, try this recipe.  I saw it on Martha a long time ago, and it works REALLY well!

There is a video you can watch, too.  They said the key to making a fluffy biscuit is to NOT twist the cutter as you are cutting them out.  It seals the edges and makes them not puff up as much.  Just cut then pull the cutter straight back up :-)


ps...Good on you for having a Big Green Egg!  I would love to have one :-)

Re: Trail Drive Breakfast

Thank you!  I'll take a look at it now that the Boss is outta the ofc.  And thanks for the tip on cutting the biscuits too--I had no clue twisting the cutter would do that.

Re: Trail Drive Breakfast

Yum...sounds like this is breakfast for Rachel and I tomorrow!!!