The Shrinking Graham Crackers

I just openned a new box of Nabisco Graham Crackers, and yep, they are smaller, you know how when you break the crackers in half and they make squares? Now they make rectangles, yep they lopped 7/16" off the short end.  Do they really think we aren't going to notice these things?  I never heard anything back from the Gold N' soft margarine folks about their reduction.  They make such a big deal about including a little more (15% free!) when they reduce the product size they don't say a thing.  Ridiculous isn't it!!   

Re: The Shrinking Graham Crackers

And I'd bet that they are thinner, too. Remember when a candy bar fit in your hand and then some and was only a nickel? I'd almost rather that they raise the price a bit and keep the size. They need to be honest about it; if the prices of the ingredients have raised, let us know, we can deal with it! 

Re: The Shrinking Graham Crackers

I would be willing to bet that the price didn't go down,did it? These tactics tend to infuriate me!!! When in the world will it end? I could rant and rave forever on this topic..but I won't, I don't need high blood pressure!!!

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