Question for all you thrifty folks

I refuse to throw away ziploc bags until they have holes  in 'em.  However, drying the doggone things after washing is a pain.  How do y'all dry yours?  I thought about clipping them to the clothesline, but I was too sorry to walk allllllll the way out to do that Saturday.


Re: Question for all you thrifty folks

my husband i feed a group of residentally challenged folks every thurday nite for the past 3 years.  we wash out the bags as long as no grease or meat and than i dry on my utensil holder pitchers.  that is where spatulas, spoons ans wooden spoons are in pitchers that have a hole or chip.  i'm not paying to dry these bag on some special gizmo!!!!   my grandparents [scots and irish] would be spining faster than  a turbine on top of the house!!!  we rewash all plastic ware [spoons, forks, and knives] thru the dishwasher. and always air dry the dishes in the dishwasher.  since we have become empty nesters the dw runs 3 or times a week.  we live in florida w/o a/c.  i save all water out of the portable dishwasher and wash off counter top and floor than it gets thrown out of flowers or trees.  may i suggest you also try out ?  do not be put off by the name, very practical, down to earth info.  blessings,  mrs. m

Re: Question for all you thrifty folks

I'm not a ziplock bag reuser, if it needs washing, it's a "chose your battles" kind of thing for me.  I try not to use too many, Mainly I use them for breaking down meat purchases to freeze.  I prefer using the Food and Bread Storage type of bag, they are thinner and don't have that weird chemical smell, my homemade bread goes in them, I reuse those for bread.  For everyday lunch use for Hubby and Older Daughter we use the fold and close type, those get tossed after use.  I do reuse them occasionally if they've used for dry foods.

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Re: Question for all you thrifty folks

I reuse mine all the time too -but not if they had meat in them.  I turn them inside out to wash them, that way they dry better.  I just stand them on the dish drainer too.  I tried using the clothes line (when I got behind and had a pile) but they ended up with bugs/flies in them so I had to throw them out.

Re: Question for all you thrifty folks

I don't reuse my ziploc bags for food.  BUT if they are clean, I do save them.  Then when I have some grease, bones, or anything smelly to throw in the trash, I put it in one of the use bags before I do.  Keeps the trash odor to a minimum :-)

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Re: Question for all you thrifty folks

hi, here is an item from Lehman's that does what you are looking for. it doesn't look like it would be that difficult to make.


However, personally, I don't care for plastic coming in contact with my food, so try not to use zip lock bags.  I find canning jars a great alternative. I carry my home made lemon or lime aid to work, my lunches too and they are great for leftovers.  Oh another thing, when milk is on sale, I buy 6 gallons and fill up 12  half gallon canning jars and freeze the milk.



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Re: Question for all you thrifty folks

I put mine over glasses that are in the drainer or anything that they can fit over so that the insides can dry out.

Re: Question for all you thrifty folks

Just plop them upside down on the dish drainer (or a folded paper towel).  They don't take long to dry.  Usually by the time I've finished cleaning the rest of the kitchen, they're dry.

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