A Medical Plea

 I don't know if anyone missed me or not, but I not been able to reply as much as I usually do because of a death in my circle of friends.  Becky was a wonderful mother, Christian, and a friend of mine for the past 13 years. We met at the doctors' office about the time we both had had cancer surgury and were having either chemo or radiation, or both. Becky had fought the fight not only that time, but later after her remission ended, and the cancer spread, twice more. Just because you are in remission for 5 years doesn't mean that cancer can't come back when it is darn good and ready...and you aren't. It is a hated disease. It takes time away from the people you want to be with and the things you want to do in your life. It is selfish, and non-discriminatory, and no one, no matter how careful we are, is immune.

So, I want everyone who reads this to be selfish, too. I want you to get a doctor's appointment for a physical. Get your blood work done. Get your pap smears, your mammies grammed, your PSA tests, and yes, men, get your male breast check done also. Male breast cancer is increasing yearly. If you don't have the money, call your health department or American Cancer Society and ask if free mamograms are given anywhere, pap smears, also. See if there are  free or reduced price clinics in your area. There are programs to help pay for these and treatments also. You have to ask, but they are there.

And I am being selfish, too. I am sharing this because I don't want to loose any more friends to cancer. I want to keep all of you. My beautiful 24 year old daughter was recently diagnosed with cancer, and we are fighting it as aggressively as possible, just as we did mine. She was 10 when I had mine and took care of me. It is now my turn for her. I want to keep all of you and help any of you that I can. That's how selfish I am. God Bless.


PS: Thanks Kevin for letting me have this soapbox to stand on.


Re: A Medical Plea

 I am adding you and your daughter to my prayers. I will take your advice and get a full check up. I have all of them done before except the colonscopy. Something about that test has made me delay it . For you and others that have fought the fight of cancer, some that won and some those that have lost the good  fight to that dreaded killer . god bless and stay strong in faith .

Re: A Medical Plea

My prayers and best wishes for both you and your daughter, Suzanne. Hang in there!

Re: A Medical Plea

I am the first to say that I have "soapboxes" to stand on, but I do feel that they good ones that benefit others. I know that in someways we are all "virtual" friends, and may never meet, but we do have AC in common, and in the past, penpals did it for years, and they still consider themselves friends. I am definately keeping all of you in my prayers and postitive thoughts! And don't forget to tell a friend(s) and family!

Margret, I have not heard of the Essaic tea, but will look it up. I am in "modern medical" healthcare, but am always looking for the holistic therapies also. Not all meds work for all people. Healing is just as much mind over matter as it is taking a pill. If you don't believe in it at some level, it won't work! I see it all the time.

God Bless all of you, and I'm passing your best wishes on to my daughter Abby.

Love you all,


Re: A Medical Plea

I am so sorry about your daughter and I hope and pray all goes well.

A year ago June 6th, my husband was downsized from his job.  He had been have some problems but also said he wa too busy to get it checked out.  With no job, we told him he had the time now.  His PSA was high and in the process of checking that out the doctors found he also had a cancer on his kidney.  Six months ago he had both surgeries and has just checked out fine so far.  He had two friends who had  PSA test because of is cancer and they both have just had their surgeries.  The guidelines for when men should have a PSA test has recently been lowered to age 40.  After reading all this here, I'm going to stop putting my health on hold and get thing checked out.




Re: A Medical Plea

Absolutely!  And don't forget to get your colonoscopy, either.  In the last 8 years, Matt and I have lost 5 grandparents to cancer.  It is horrible, and early detection is the best bet for successful treatment.  May your daughter fight and beat this!!!

Re: A Medical Plea

I agree, Suzanne. My best friend just died of cancer Thursday, August 13. The cancer started as anal cancer and then spread to her liver and stomach. She went throught chemo and radiation with the anal cancer. She told me that previously she didn't believe in preventative medicine, but she wished she had gotten her tests and checkups as she should have, and maybe it would have been caught sooner. The cost for doctors and tests was always an issue because they didn't have health insurance. Please ladies, especially, take care of yourself. Don't put your health needs last as some of us tend to do.






Re: A Medical Plea

Yes ma'am....I've been putting it off, but I will call my doctor TODAY and get on the schedule.  Thanks for posting this.

I'm firmly convinced of the helpfulness of herbal remedies in addition to modern medical therapies.  Have you read any of the info out there on Essaic tea?  You may also look up Renee Caisse, the Canadian woman who was first given this tea by a Native American medicine man who had seen it work wonders on his people.    It can't hurt....it might help.  Most good health-food stores will have it or be able to order it. 

God bless you and your family.



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