Lovina's Victoria Strainer

I had a question about where did Lovina get her "victoria strainer" that she uses to make her vegetable juice? I have a similiar  one called a "Squeezo strainer" but it doesn't have a glass/plastic jar on the end where the skin and seed stays away from the juice. the discard bowl is very close where hers lets the discard plup get futher away. Of course I am in no need of it now but would like to know where one can purchase it next year.


Re: Lovina's Victoria Strainer

I got mine at Lehman's.  It has a suction type mechanism that you kind of clamp down but if it is on the table right I guarantee it doesn't go anywhere!  I couldn't can without mine!

Re: Lovina's Victoria Strainer

I found mine in Kalona Iowa. 2 Amish stores carry them for around $50

There's a County Community Store and Stringtown Grocery

~~~ Pam Capps ~~~

Re: Lovina's Victoria Strainer

Pam, thanks for this!

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Re: Lovina's Victoria Strainer

Kevin, ever find out where she got her strainer?  I'd love to have the clamping type too.

Re: Lovina's Victoria Strainer

  I guess I am still on the hunt. The one in Lehman's use a rubber suction to make it stay.  I wanted one that you clamp down by tightening the bottom of it to the board  .   I did look up on amazon and they have several to choose from.At least I now know where to get one.  When you talk to Lovina ask her if she uses a different screen for her pumpkin puree . I do that with the one I have .

Re: Lovina's Victoria Strainer

I would also try e-bay.  I have found many things that are 'out of production' there.  It's like going to yard sales by your computer Wink 

Re: Lovina's Victoria Strainer


I am sorry that I posted the question before looking on the internet . I found one exactly like tthe one Lovina's has in the photo of the  book The Amish Cook at Home  . It was in the Lehmans" catalog. Seed catalogs are all ready showing up in my mail box and winter has barely begun.


Re: Lovina's Victoria Strainer

Good plan. Lehman's is a wonderful source of any old-fashioned item that the Amish use...I'll post more on them in the near future...

Re: Lovina's Victoria Strainer

Good question....I'm not sure where she got it. It's a neat contraption that seems to be a forerunner to today's more modern "juicers."  I'll ask Lovina about this in the coming days and report back!

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