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Well I got a copy of the Gosselin book yesterday from the library, and skim read it, meaning I skipped the part about how they met and got right into her accounts desiring children. I wasn't impressed.  The book is solely written by Kate, as a opposed to the Duggar's book that was clearly written by both MIchelle and Jim Bob.  While she speaks of God, prayers, blessing etc, each chapter was titled with a verse, it just sounded like talk (not much walk, if you know what I mean).  She also touched on the topic of the opinions others have of her controlling personality, trying to convince the reader that while she may "push" for things, it's in the name of mothering, and claims to not like being in the limelight. And OCD about germs, wow! She complains/grumbles alot too... 

PS - I don't watch the show! We don't have tv, I have seen little blips on the internet.  I was interested in the "multiples" aspect, as we are parents of twins.  I've also read Bobbie McCaughey's book, her recolections were sincere.              

Re: Jon+Kate book review

I guess I am too old school, and as I posted a long while back..isn't "reality TV" an oxymoron? I have never, and will never watch a reality show. And in my humble opinion, if you read their books as well, you are just buying into the ridiculous media trash!!! You either live a decent life or you do not--plain and simple. To subject your life to millions is ludicrous. Posting on websites is bad enough, international viewing is something else..especially where children are involved. Watch the the book...and they laugh all the way to the bank at your and much worse, their children's expense!!!!! I will jump off the soap-box now, but I will not back down. I stand true to my beliefs.

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I picked up her newest book at the library, but ended up putting it back.  I guess I feel sorry for them, in a way.  I mean, they made certain choices in life.  God blessed them with 8 happy, healthy little kids as a result of those choices.  They made the choice to showcase their family-life on tv.  Now they are having to deal with the consequences of having their family problems in the limelight.

Kate seems very organized and meticulous, while Jon seems very laid-back and happy-go-lucky.  Opposites do attract and can thrive... but under stressful circumstances (such as the simultaneous rearing of so many really young kids), I can see how their opposite personality characteristics could cause an utter explosion at times!  My husband and I have the same issues with two kids, and LUCKILY we aren't on tv. LOL 

I feel bad for them both because it is a horrible situation for their family to be in.  I have seriously thought about it... how couldn't you, they are talking about it on tv everytime I switch it on...and I really hope that, through self-relection, prayers, counseling, and love, they can work things out. 

I agree, anyone (single, married, with/without kids) could benefit a lot from reading the Duggar's book.  I loved it sooo much!  Man, I wish our family was like them in so many ways.


Re: Jon+Kate book review

That's a very good summary, Luv!  Hubby and I are opposites in many ways, thankfully we aren't on television!  I wish them well also, I do hope that they are able to work through, first their individual shortcomings, to come together, as one to raise their little brood.

I may end up buying the Duggar book someday -

this is cute, remember at the end of last year I decided to choose a word of the year for myself, I chose JOY.  When I saw the anacronym (sp?) in the book, (J)esus first, (O)thers second, (Y)ourself last.  I thought that was appropiate, but I was more surprised that I had never seen it before!  One day for art my children's assignment was to do what you choose, one of my son's made a super simple sign  with the saying on it for me, I thought that was very kind of him.  (It's hanging on the wall!)  

Our family is similar in a lot of ways, just 13 less children!  Through examples of others (before the Duggars) we sort of restructured our home life, I was surprised at the similiarities that I shared with Michelle, I think a lot of that just came from the need to deal with an onslot of children.       

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