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The Devil's Playground

I think this may have been discussed before, but --- I watched "The Devi's Playground" last night on (I believe) The Documentary Channel.  Anyone else catch it?  Gained insight into what these young people must go through.  I almost felt sorry for some of them having to make the decison to stay within the Amish community or stay in the English world where they have experienced so much freedom to make their own choices(some good - some bad!).  At the end of the program, they said 80% choose to stay with the Amish.

Re: The Devil's Playground

We've talked about this before, but, it's a great documentary to discuss! I should probably watch it again...I remember thinking that it was, indeed, well done...I mean, my only complaint is that they selected a 4 or 5 Amish youths struggling with their "Amish-ness" and...I just don't know how representative of Amish young people as a whole, but it was great insight into what some of them go through....