Amish story on BBC

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This is an interesting story, but am somewhat suspect because being video taped. Hummm.


Amish being doomed? what happened to "they double their population every 20 years."?



treadling ratmum

Re: Amish story on BBC

Too funny, Barb! I love your hubby's sense of humor!

Re: Amish story on BBC

 We have a wedding to go to in a couple of weeks. My husband wants to wear his overalls to it.  If he could he wear them to everything. This wedding is a black tie event and I told him I don't think  he would be allowed to enter .  He said he would  wear a  "black" tie . I  Don't think so! This wedding is so fancy no children under 5 are allowed to attend. Not sure we would go to it  except the groom is a nephew.

Re: Amish story on BBC

That's funny, Barb! I'd like to see the look on his face when you tell him.... Laughing

Re: Amish story on BBC

Diann, I told him and he said.." I will consider dressing that way when someone appoints me Supervisor, right now there doesn't seem to be an opening!". We had a pretty good laugh over that. Gotta give the guy in the video credit for trying,tho"!!

Re: Amish story on BBC

Thanks for sharing the "rest of the story". I had seen the first part Kevin posted yesterday. Very interesting!

Re: Amish story on BBC

That was interesting.  I was surprised by the head coverings.  I thought Amish wore "caps", some of these appear to be scarfs.

To all you agri people out there, do your men folk wear a suit and tie when doing chores and hauling hay! Funny!

Re: Amish story on BBC

In a word,NO!! My hubby doesn't own a tie or a suit. He borrows a tie if the need arises. That does look funny,tho"!! I will have to show him and tell him he dresses all wrong!Laughing

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