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Amish Acid Reflux Formula

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I'm going to look further into this and see if I can come up with some more backing on this or whether this is another Amish heater thing...

The formula ingredients they give in the article  (unfiltered raw apple cider vinegar, juice from the ginger plant and just the right amount of all natural garlic juice.)

does not seem like they would be compatible to combating acid reflux...

I see also they have Amish leg and foot cramp formula too... which is made of the same ingredients as the acid reflux formula...     LOL

Re: Amish Acid Reflux Formula

My husband uses Amish made Vim and Vigor and it has helped his stomach problems signifently!  It has the items you listed in it as well as a few others. We buy several bottles each time we visit Ashery's store in Holmes County.  Our favorite bulk food store by far!

Re: Amish Acid Reflux Formula

I don't know about the garlic juice, but I have heard of apple cider vinegar and ginger being used for stomach ailments. 

Re: Amish Acid Reflux Formula

that recipe is in a couple  of old almanacs.. I believe they tagged it Amish as that seems to have a certain cache along with NATURAL.

Wouldn't sound nearly as marketable if you called it old fashioned or early farmers

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Re: Amish Acid Reflux Formula

next we'll see Amish ipods, laptops, and TVs. as Kevin says, Sheeeeeesh!



Re: Amish Acid Reflux Formula

Thanks Tom!

At the rate this naming of products as Amish is happening, sooner or later someone is going to put a trademark on the word Amish so they will get money whenever anybody uses the word!

Wish I had contact with some of my old chemistry buddies.  Would love to get a chemical analysis of the reflux and the leg cramp formulas to see just how different the special formulas are...

The company obviously needs to expand their product line.  A hundred years ago apple cider vinegar was used for almost everything including, I think, dandruff. Laughing