What have you heard about the alligators in the Tuscarawas River???? I heard one is 6 ft and a second one is 4 ft.

Not too many small villages are equipped to make a capture like that. So far, they were not able to get any assistance from anyone. They will take them once they have been captured but no capture assist.

Do you think the Columbus Zoo personnel would be a good place to contact??

Sorry if this is not in the appropriate place . Just zap it out with DELETE if not. I will understand. Just thought you would find it interesting Ohio even though not Amish related.


This is a bizarre story, thanks for sharing it with us Brenda, although I don't know that I have much to add. See:

Ashame that irresponsible people cause so many problems......


When I was a little girl, you could buy baby gators in the dime store. I lived in a little town in Ohio named Navarre, close to Massillon, and it was on the same river. There were also old concrete things that I guess were a part of an old canal. There were gators in there every once in a while, and I think they maybe CAN survive the winter. I can barely remember it. I was about 6, and am 54 years old now, so a lot of years ago.


I know Navarre well....been through their several times and it is the smell of bread that is amazing, from the Nickle's bakery....don't know if the bakery is still there, but it used to be...and wow...yum!


thanks for this link Kevin. I am forwarding the article to other branches of the family that the folks in the article reference.  I am starting to wonder just how huge that Family Tree is anyway.


Is this near where you live or something interesting you read?  The nearest alligator trappers are probably in North Carolina.


Hometown and family still there


Apparently all those one wuld think would be of assistance have the idea that they will "house" the creatures but someone else needs to capture them. Probably was not in the training for the job for a village of 3500..


"Animal Control Officer needed in town, must have large net, boat, and pith helmet. Some experience with trapping of wild animals prefered, the wilder the better. Must like Animal Planet. Pay commiserates with task. Next of kin can be references.  Send picture of boat and net."

(Thought you might need a laugh)

What I am afraid may happen is that some "Big Game Hunters" decide to take on the task after a "small drink of courage" and go out and hurt themselves or someone else.


I think there are a lot of folks "in charge" who are concerned about this scenario.


Heck, go get a posse together then just make like the late Steve Erwin & lasso the gators, duct tape their mouths shut then toss 'em in the back of a pickup truck & relocate them to the nearest zoo. 

I live in Florida, so gators are nothing new to me.  The tail tastes pretty good battered, fried & served with horseradish dip too.

Yes, I'm a terrible person.  I know.





Sounds like someone had a couple of "pets" that got too big to take care of and they let them "loose" in an area so they could fend for themselves. How sad for the gaters, and how desparate for the village officials who now need to address their "care". I'm interested in hearing how this plays out. (Where's Steve Irwin when you need him?)  How about the Humane Society, they may have a resource that could assist with this. 

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