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A gloomy Monday abounds here in Ohio...dreary and rainy and kind of cold....not quite cold enough to crank up that good ol' "Amish heater" being advertised all over.  The heater is a rip-off, I'm quite convinced....yet not only do people continue to buy it, I still get a few emails from people who for whatever bizarre reason think The Amish Cook is somehow associated with it....Trust me, if somehow I could afford all the full page ads in newspapers for that thing.....I wouldn't be charging $1.49 for people to hear Lovina yodel!  Sheesh....I'd be on a beach sipping daquiris somehwere.  One of our site visitors who runs a furniture store left a comment on this site that is worth reading.

Another topic that repeatedly crops up on this site is "Amish penpals."  There simply is no "database" of Amish penpals for people to tap into online.  It just doesn't work that way.  The best advice I can give - and I know this isn't easy for some of you, especially if no Amish live nearby -  is to go visit an Amish settlement, strike up a friendship the old-fashioned way, and then exchange letters.  If I personally matched up my Amish friends with everyone who wanted a penpal, all of my Amish friends would each have about 100 penpals.....I just can't match people up.

And, lastly, if you are in a "Super Tuesday" state tomorrow - don't forget to vote! You can't complain if you don't vote.  Should be a very interesting day that, in my opinion, probably won't settle anything.  I think by day's end it'll be a draw between Obama and Clinton and that Romney and McCain will split the spoils evenly on the GOP side. 

Re: Penpals & Heaters

I am amish and you are right we do not like to communicate with the english. Sorry

Re: Penpals & Heaters

How are you on the internet if you're amish?

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Re: Penpals & Heaters

I would love to just have a penpal! I'm out here on the West Coast in Vancouver, WA and would just love to have a snail mail friend.  Like MsBytes said, it would be nice to look forward to getting something in the mail that wasn't a bill!  Yes, it would be wonderful to have an amish penpal, but I understand why they don't put themselves in that kind of situation, and will respect that deeply!  If there is anyone out there however, that would like to befriend me via mail, please let me know.  I just turned 30, have 3 beautiful boys that keep me ever so busy..some times a little too busy!  I LOVE my Lord and Savior with all my heart and would be blessed to get letters from another mother out there that feels the same way!

Re: Penpals & Heaters

Hi , My Name is AMEGBEBOU Komi KPlola , i am 20 and from Togo country located in the West of Africa .




Like i told I am looking for a Good Friend ; That's why i am writting you this letter to become friend with you if you don't mind .


I am expecting hear something good back from you .


God Bless you .




my email is


Re: Penpals & Heaters

Hi all,

 Regarding your searches for Amish penpals, I do not think the Amish will  engage in a correspondence with any English ( which is another name for you and me), unless you meet them on a personal level in another circumstance. However, you would have a better chance forming pen pal friendships with Old Order Mennonites or Conservative Mennonites. More than 15 years ago, I became interested in Anabaptist faiths and subscribed to the Budget. I wrote the editor about penpals. I must emphasize that even here, and perhaps even more than the Amish, Mennonites are not going to correspond with you unless you share their Christian faith. They are not looking for "cultural"Christians nor Roman Catholics nor those who think their lifestyle is quaint to correspond with because frankly they do not feel these groups would be a good influence on them or their families. They feel most comfortable, so I was told,  with those who are Baptists or similar and church goers. Well, I explained who I was , what I did, etc. to the editor,and he sent me a name of an O.O.Mennonite lady who was a former teacher, now married and at the time had 3 children. (she now has 11). Anyhow, I wrote to her, she wrote back and it is now more than 15 years later and we are still good friends. I also, think, if you know German it helps. When I first wrote to my friend, I used some German, and that broke the ice. Through her I met other O.O. Mennonite people, and some Amish. It has been a great blessing to me over the years, believe me. I had prayed for this friendship, and the Lord provided. Evidently from your posts, the papers and Pathway Publishing do not encourage the penpals anymore. Maybe you who are interested can write to Rod and Staff, and they may have access to penpals for your children and in that way you can make friends with their parents. Please continue to post your progress. Susan

Re: Penpals & Heaters

I have been getting the Amish magazines such as FAMILY LIFE from Pathway Publishers.
I wrote to the editors and got a private letter back saying "they do not want to promote this".
But in another article in the Family Life magazine they had a way that you could send your name to them and they would send it to ENGISH who became AMISH so you could see what it was like toi become AMISH when you were once ENGLISH.

Re: Penpals & Heaters

I read a magazine called An Encouraging Word, published quarterly also.  It is geared toward, conservative Christian homeschool families. It is a great source of encouragement when the world is pounding in.

Re: Penpals

You can try the Budget paper or write to a widely known amish-mennonite magazine. Keepers at home 1-800-852-4482.It is very inspirational and answers alot of question that women write in. I hope this helps

Re: Penpals


I thought I would give my 2 cents on the penpal situation. When I was looking up Amish penpals on the web, my search engine brought up an old post on this site where someone had said that they could help you find an Amish penpal. Of course, I read that post and it's replies. Then I eagerly posted a reply to request a penpal, because like many of us, I have always wanted an Amish penpal. 

After posting, I decided to search this site to see if there were any other posts about penpals and I discovered a post from somone who asked why we would want to try and do something that the Amish bishops would most likely frown upon and even might cause problems for the Amish person that we are so anxious to know.

This really got me to thinking and honestly, if I had read her post before I had posted my request, I probably wouldn't have posted my request. She had suggested that if we wanted a chance to hear from an amish person, we should continue to read Lovina's column.

As far as this site goes, Kevin, maybe you could find a way to link the all posts on that topic or make a specific header for "Penpals" and post the old comments or a new comment about lack of penpals all in one place so that when people search the internet and discover your wonderful site they would get the whole scoop! 

Who knows, you might even come up with a way for us non-amish to become penpals with others who share our interest!Wink

I know I would love to have a snail mail penpal who shares my interest in the Amish and love of cooking and handcrafts. After all writing is becoming a lost art and wouldn't it be nice to have something to look for in the mail besides bills. LOL!Laughing

Re: Penpals

I (like you) would also like to have an Amish penpal, but don't know how to go about it. Or maybe we could become penpals. I am very interested in their way of life, and enjoy reading about them. Maybe we could be penpals. Email me if you like.

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