Note About Note:)

Some of you have received an email from me. It's NOT Spam, it actually did come from me.  I think the note speaks for itself, but I just wanted an official statement here that it is legit and not some weird spammer. 

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Re: Note About Note:)

Hi Kevin, I got an e-mail from you when I donated to help clear off your desk. I gave a bit more $ to cover the Paypal fees you pay to receive the $$.


I am so excited about upcoming events, including the baking book. I got to tell you that reading about Lovina's accomplishments in her day to day chores, like last Saturday's diary, has really encouraged me to get going and get things done.  The Lord does work wonders and provide by working through His people.


Thankyou for all your hard work on this column and take care of you; you're some bunny special. :-)



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Re: Note About Note:)


your email did end up in my spam box. I donated for the first time this year. Hopefulkly others will help the cause. I really enjoy the discussions and post that others have added to this site. Hopefully everyone will pull together in these rough times and keep this up and running.


Re: Note About Note:)


Thank you...this column is soooooo close to turning a corner and being on permanently sound ground, but we aren't quite there yet.....need a shove:) - Kevin

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