More Mennonites....

In southwest Ohio we have an absolutely gorgeous day of pure sunshine, bright skies, and still spring air.  In short: it's pefect.  In even shorter terms: I hope you aren't reading this.  I hope you are able to be outside enjoy the weather.  Or if you are reading this I hope you are reading outside on your laptop.  I have set up a makeshift "office" in my backyard with my laptop so I can work under this amazing April sky.

Not trying to overdose everyone in Mennonite trappings,  but I will once again be spending some time in Virginia's Old Order Mennonite community early next week.  So I look forward to posting more photos and musings from these fascinating people.  So, stay tuned! 


Re: More Mennonites....


Re: More Mennonites....

There are Mennonites throughout Virginia.  The Old Order Mennonite settlements, though, are located near the town of Dayton, just outside of Harrisonburg.  A small Amish population lives near the town of Stuarts Draft also on the western part of the state...

Re: More Mennonites....

It is beautiful here today, as well!  Pushing 70 last I looked...ah!  I bought some herbs and several tomatoes (one was an Amish paste Wink).  It is a great day to peruse the greenhouses!  I looked through Hy-Vees garden area, and smelled something that I ALWAYS associate with spring/summer... the smell of water running through a brand-new rubber hose... you all know what I am talking about!

Kevin, if you happen to see an Amish or Mennonite-run greenhouse or plant market, would you do a video on that??  I remember Lovina talking about them before, and I am curious to see how they compare to what I am used to (plus how the PRICES compare!).

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Re: More Mennonites....

Uh, would need one of those canopy type things here today, grey skies and drizzle! Do I smell a new book here - maybe one with a Mennonite twist????

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