Friday Night Mennonites...

It's Friday night and I'm writing about Mennonites.  Okay, actually, credit goes to our site regular, LuvM, for this post.  She visited a Mennonite-owned store in the town of Cantril, Iowa recently and was nice enough to share a few photos and videos.  I'll post one of her videos tomorrow.  It's remarkable to me, though, how similar some of these Mennonite-owned stores are from place to place.  The lay-out and product mix in this one seems quite similar to other such stores I've been to.  LuvM tells me this store had electricity and she didn't see any buggies in the area, which tells me this is probably a conservative Mennonite settlement, but not Old Order.  The name of this store is Dutchman's.

 Some other observations from LuvM:

"The town is tiny, but very clean and quaint.   The store had fluorescent lights, a meat case, and that sort of thing.  It seemed on the grocery side (which was the only side I was on) that half of the store was dedicated to produce, bulk items, canning equipment, baking things, bulk garden seeds and that sort of thing.  The other side of the store had the traditional chips, Pepsi, and the bins of candy and cookies."

 There was a porch running the length of the store, and it looked quite new.  They had lots of nice, healthy plants there priced very reasonably.  I will say that the bulk bread flour was 49 cents/lb, for all of our homemade bread makers.  No fancy cash registers, just regular old ones.  The funny thing was, obviously they don't have an intercom.  So when the girl at the cash register needed someone to come man the other register (due to the long line), she used a walkie-talkie!  "

Thank you for the report, LuvM. If anyone out there knows anything about the Cantril community, please post!

Re: Friday Night Mennonites...

The store also had a seperate store within itself that was just fabrics... which I would have LOVED to went into, but my 22 year-old brother was with us and was bored out of him mind!  LOL

Re: Friday Night Mennonites...

Well, he's big enough now, you could tell him to wait in the car!!!  I always regret not visiting a cool fabric store. 

Re: Friday Night Mennonites...

This is an excellent report of a rural store. It sounds much like the one I was working at when Dad got sick. I am hoping to return there soon. We also used intercoms, and sometimes just shouted when we needed help. I posted something about this store awhile back, but to refresh, it is a 100+ yr. old store..half grocery-half feed & seed. We also have an in-house butcher...The store is noted for miles for their meat. Not Mennonite, but sounds alot the same.( Turtlepoint, PA , pop. maybe 350...if ya count the stray cats!!!!).

Re: Friday Night Mennonites...

Hey, that town was probably named after some of my ancestors!  Cantril, Cantrell, many other spellings and prolific too... the main family line  from the late 1600's- early 1700's had about 16 children! The orignal guys were brought over by the King of England as brick layers, the family built the first brick building in Philadelphia and were the first "Free Masons" (as a Christian, that is not an organization I support these days).  The children like it, because it connects them with the "National Treasure" movies.  We aren't complete prudes!

Oh, sorry, the Mennonite store is cool too!         

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