A Few Notes From The Late Eliazabeth Coblentz.....

I just have a massive archive in my basement of old letters, notes, and recipes from Lovina's Mom.  I just plan to hang on to them for the time being, some never before published recipes and notes from Elizabeth will appear in a "20 year anniversary book" which will be released in 2010.  The old material is kind of fun and interesting to go through on occasion.  This morning I stumbled upon some old notes that must have been for a cookbook we were working on.

I'm not a big fan of oatmeal, but here is how Elizabeth recommended preparing it:

"We eat oatmeal with fried eggs and potatoes.  The kind and size of cooking pot depend on how many will be served I like oatmeal best after it turns thicker.  In a quart kettle I add water half full to boil, adding the oatmeal (3 tablespoons full), 1/8 teaspoon salt, 1 tablespoon brown sugar, and I like to add milk to it before serving."

Liver pudding is a staple in Amish homes during the winter butchering season.  Just the name makes me retch, but apparently it has its admirers.  Here's what Elizabeth had to say about liver pudding:

"There's a small amount of liver added to liver pudding.  Liver pudding is made from the head meat  and shoulder ham or whatever you prefer.  Seasoning of salt and pepper is added.  For 1 quart processes at 10 pounds pressure for 90 minutes.  It doesn't taste like chicken or bread. It's just some kind of taste of meat. Ben always liked it with pancakes and applesauce."

As Elizabeth says, I don't really think there's much liver in liver pudding....honestly, to me, it sounds more like some sort of mush.  Has anyone had liver pudding?

Thank you to all who have responded to my email, it is so appreciated!

Re: A Few Notes From The Late Eliazabeth Coblentz.....


Re: A Few Notes From The Late Eliazabeth Coblentz.....

Sounds like a lot of organizing!  Sometimes, those organizing paper projects can make one a bit rummy.  After a while I bet the notes all start looking the same! 

Re: A Few Notes From The Late Eliazabeth Coblentz.....

I wish you would publish a book of all the old columns (both Eliz. & Lovina).  I have only found the column in the last year so I missed out on Lovina's early writings and all of Elizabeth's.  Have you considered doing this. 

Re: A Few Notes From The Late Eliazabeth Coblentz.....

Ah-ha (I hope my Andrews-McMeel editor is reading this, cuz I'm getting a plug inLaughing)  We will, in the fall of 2010, be releasing a special 20 year anniverary compilation of the best of Elizabeth's columns and Lovina's all in 1 book.  In addition to that, there will be a section inside of unpublishing recipes and notes from Elizabeth, this should be a great book for those of you who want to get a feel for the column from Day 1....

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