UPDATED INFO:A Few More Thoughts On The Weaver Murder Case...

Here is a link that has mug shots of the perpetrators.   I am going to try to get some first-hand, accurate, well-sourced info tomorrow on this story for posting here. So stay tuned. There are just too many basic pieces missing that I'd like to know about. Someone on Facebook asked me the question if Barbara Raber, arrested for the murder, would be required to remove her head-covering.   I'm going to punt the question for the moment and say that I have not heard/read anywhere specifically that Barbara Raber is Amish.  I'm certain that Barbara Weaver and Eli Weaver are, but I am not certain that Barbara Raber is Amish.  Raber IS a very common Amish surname in that area.   Here's an interesting discussion on the topic.  I would think that a religious right to wear a head-covering in a mug-shot would be preserved (innocent until proven guilty).   But IF she is Amish, I think we are in uncharted territory as far as this is concerned, so I just don't know the answer.  I do want to point out something in the "comments" section of the first link:


So many people think the amish are so hardworking and perfect,,FACT is they have so much bad among themselves (rapes,fights,brawls) etc just like anywhere else BUT it is ALL (except this incident)kept isolated from the public in their church,just a FYI to people who dont know but in Middlefield (4th largest amish community in the world) at least 70% or more the amish do have cell phones,Gasoline mowers self propelled <<---YES i seen a elder using,weed eaters and so on!

I lose patience with this type of patronizing idiocy.    Yes, we've discussed that there are bad apples among the Amish.  But, c'mon, I think the AMISH know what they are allowed to use and what they aren't.  Why outsiders look at the Amish and say "ooooh, YOU aren't SUPPOSED to be using a telephone." perplexes me.  Well, um...who died and made YOU bishop???   First of all, the Amish in Middlefield probably ARE allowed to use those things. There are different rules in different settlements.  Second of all, even if they AREN'T allowed to use these things, who cares????  Do people get upset everytime a Catholic uses birth control?  THEY aren't supposed to use it.........There are people in EVERY faith that break some rules.


UPDATED:   I am being told by a source that I believe is reliable that Barbara Raber is NOT Amish, so that would make the head-covering question moot.


Re: UPDATED INFO:A Few More Thoughts On The Weaver Murder ...

the amish have many different churches old order amish, new order amish an so on and EXAMPLE the indians had many different tribes apaches, shawnee, sioux, and so on some are more advanced than others thats why some have have phones and some don't. but that is just plain sick what them two are charged with. now i don't care if he is amish english or a mexican if he is proven guilty he needs to be punished!

Re: UPDATED INFO:A Few More Thoughts On The Weaver Murder ...

Agreed that he needs to be punished...I'm not quite sure that analogy works for me about the Indians, but your point is well-taken.

Re: UPDATED INFO:A Few More Thoughts On The Weaver Murder ...

Very sad story.  I feel for any child who loses a parent tragically (in this case, both parents really). 

Maybe I'm being too nitpicky, but I feel you single out the Catholic faith a lot (like a post recently where you ranted about puppy mills).  We ARE a part of the Christian faith.  Go back far enough and you'll see that Christians could have been considered Catholics before the split that separated Roman Catholicism and the Orthodox Church and then the big split that established the Protestant religions.  So we aren't bible-thumpers or very evangelical in our religion.  We keep our relationship with God to ourselves and let that private relationship guide us in our lives trying to make the world a better place.  We are not some circus side show.

"Do people get upset everytime a Catholic uses birth control?  THEY aren't supposed to use it........."  I take offense to this comment.  Maybe it's because we belong to a progressive Catholic church where the priest allows a group called Voice of the Faithful to talk freely about ending celibacy among priests and allowing women to become priests and other "controversial" topics that the Vatican turns a deaf ear to.  Birth control (and yes that includes condoms not just the pill), at least among the Catholics I know, is a non-issue.  God-forbid we use a family planning method that keeps us from having more children than we can comfortably care for financially, emotionally, and physically?  ARGH!  Please, please stop making generalizations about Catholics.  I know you hate it when the media generalizes the Amish faith and lifestyle!

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Re: UPDATED INFO:A Few More Thoughts On The Weaver Murder ...

Sad thing to happen but they're not perfect people just because they're Amish. 

Re: UPDATED INFO:A Few More Thoughts On The Weaver Murder ...

This Ms. Raber looks old for just 39.  Oh, Kevin, you've just gone on a rant about legalism!!!  The issue is HUGE among denominational and non-denominational Christians alike.  Much debate is happening over how much of the Bible holds true in today's world.  That's why there are so many different kinds of churches!  I think a couple things are clear in this story, a husband was not being a husband to one wife and the commandment, Thou shalt not kill still holds true.  

Because people are so falable, they just look at those who seem to be "perfect" and wait and watch for them to fall.  Thinking that those "perfect" people are in bondage when really it's the other way around.  This is a very tragic event, it would be tragic no matter the church affiliation of those involved.  The lives of five very young children have been upturned, a community has been shaken and is now being judged by an unfair world.   

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