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Amish Cook Friend Club (Updated)

Amish Cook Friend Club materials: the 2009 summer newsletter, name card, thank-you notes, and cookbooks will be mailed throughout August.  The original plan was for these to go out around July 25 - August 2...but this is been pushed back just about 10 more days.  So stay tuned.  We still could use about 80 more members of the Friend Club at any level.  For those who wonder why a Friend Club is needed, I think I explain it best in this column.  Todays post is especially directed to readers in Tacoma, Muncie, Middletown, Hamilton, Cincinnati, Harrisonburg, Richmond, Bradenton, Traverse City, Anderson Quincy, and South Bend - markets that didn't participate in running information about the Friend Club in the print newspaper.  To join, click on the "donate" button below the coffee mug photo to the right.  Just enter your level, the $25, $50, or $75 amount and your address and you'll be good to go.  Thanks to all the readers who have joined, the column would NOT be around still if it weren't for you.