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Re: Exclusive: Update on "Maine Amish"

I was good friends with a member of this group once. There was a family from Virginia (the E's - the nicest and most pure-hearted people I've ever met), an older couple from Canada (also nice), and a "Bishop" from Ohio, who gathered them there, away from other churches, so he could run the show. That "Bishop" has now left the Beachy-Amish and returned to the Catholic Church where he came from. There were several local families who tried to join, but in spite of good intentions, love for God, and giving up most of what they had worked for including professions and worldly goods, just ended up beating their heads against the "Bishop" and his strange brand of extra-Biblical rules, and who finally, slowly and painfully, turned away for lack of any other choice. I see those families live in pain to this day.

With these churches, it seems that whenever they get three or four families together they bust apart from disagreement and infighting, based on church rules and whose dress is longer, too long, or which woman's headcovering covers more than 1/4 of the ear more or less.... don't laugh, I've heard mind-numbing discussions lasting days concerning these things, with families being excommunicated for being "rebellious."
If my mind serves me correctly, I think Mr. Yoder spoke about in the post above is excommunicated, and his wife (not excommunicated) is not allowed to talk to him, eat with him, or sleep in the same bed. If it's not THIS Mr. Yoder, it's another "Plain" couple that hovers around this church. I've seen him eat in the basement alone, while the others are gathered in the kitchen, having a grand ol' time around the table.
Spend too much time around this church and you'll feel like a refugee from Salem Mass 200 years ago.


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