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Re: Eco-Bulbs?

They're cool and much better than the ones from 12-15 years ago.  Those were so slow they could be a danger - you essentially got no light when you turned the switch.  I wouldn't use them in any doorway switches because if someone had broken into your house you wouldn't even see them for 2 or 3 minutes until the things finally threw some light. Or if you woke up at night and needed light to cross a room, you would be back before the light caught up. 

With these newer ones I've put them in every fixture as the old bulbs burned out.  I hadn't even realized at first that these new ones are still a little slow -- I just thought it was my older eyes percieving the light as a little dim.

I do prefer picking them up on sale!  For me, the price is balanced by only having to change them once a decade or so.  They last a LONG time and having to stop and change a bulb when you were just about to do something else was always such a nuisance.  They also seem sturdier than the traditional ones (my cat knocks one lamp down with some regularity).

But really Kevin, laptop by kerosene lamp -- it could be a whole new trend.


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