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Re: This will make you laugh!!

EEEK, snakes, now that is a different story, i am scared witless of them, i love to watch them when they are confined, as long as they cannot get to me, but if i came across one outside and there was a chance it could come near me i would drop dead of a heart attack, my husband would kill it but then i would probably cry, i am such a dope when it comes to animals, of any kind, reptilian or other wise, my kids and i have nursed wild birds, bunnies and a baby squirrel back to health, i found a little field mouse a few years ago at the bottom of a hay wagon after we got done unloading it, he had gone thru the baler and lost his two rear legs, i brought him home and was so upset i called our vet, now this vet knows me, has for years, he has even put up with me fainting in his office when i was pregnant once, and all he could do was laugh, sorry honey he says, i don't do mice.......over the years we have had ten cats, two dogs, a rabbit, twenty two guinea pigs, seventeen hamsters, two birds, a rat, and lots of fish, we don't have a farm though, i was haying at my brother in laws, wish i did have a farm, i would die to own my own horse.......but yes, the mousy story is real and my husband will never let me live it down, he hates them........


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